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4yr olds... what about the older kids! Lock Rss

Hey guys, just thought i'd start a post about our older children as there is alot about the bubs but what about the older ones!!!
I have a 4yr old son who is really full on at the moment and i'm finding it hard to get time with him and my 7mth old as well as getting everything else i need to get done!! anyone else feel like this. i'd be really interested in getting this post going with anything to do with older children.

IStole3ofHeavensAngels, 2 boys, 1 girl

hi nonnuls
i have i miss 4yr old going on 30 and a 10 1/2 month old . Sometimes miss 4yr old can be full on but that is mainly when attention is being on her younger brother since he started walking everyone throws there attention straight to him and lilybelle is likes " i'm here too you know '' lol
There is a older children's post in Your Baby's Family section under Older Siblings. maybe you will find more posters there.

Miss Lilybelle 7 & Master Charlie Jasper 4

hello i have a 6 years old 4 year old and a eight month old hope to chat to some one soon

mum to 3

Hi. Ihave a 4 yr old and a 6mth old bub. Not enough time to do everything and play with both kids as well. I try to play with 4yr old at least once a day but feel that its hardly enough. His behaviour is really excellent at kindy and as soon as I pick him up he starts being naughty, defiant and uncooperative. Why is he so good at kindy and so naughty for me?? Don't know what to do. Also does anyone have good ideas for getting 4yr old to eat??
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