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Hi there this is a post for a friend of mine that does not have a computer, her son is almost 4 and she has a 10 month old as well. he 4 yr old has red hair and a temper to match. shes at her wits end to control him, he wont listen to her, he takes himself to naughty coner so that does not work, shes tired toy confiscation, time out none work. but he just hits people, tackles them to ground, pulls all his toys out andwont pack away etc. screams at and hits his mother and others even my toddler when they had a play date today. any ideas on ways she could try calming him down.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

i went to the health food shop and there is a product called "kid smart" it is an omega 3 supplement that tastes like blackcurrent in the shape of a fish, it's like a lolly, it helps improve, concentration, self control and behaviour it is Natures way brand and cost about $13.95 for a months supply. I have also stopped colours and preservatives in the food, what a difference it makes...... even taking white bread away will make a change.... their poor little bodies get overrun by these things and the kids end up out of control. When my son has been taken off the foods and drinks for a couple of weeks, he can slowly be introduced to some things ie if we are out and having takeaway, etc. i hope your friend finds something to help, but it can't hurt to try the health food shop.
I actually watched something tonight on today tonight? which showed the high levels of preservatives in food and the effect it has children.
Maybe she needs to see someone who can advise her on how to try to change his diet before going down medication paths etc to see if that makes a difference. She may find that certain foods are setting his behaviour off
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