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underweight?? under height?? Lock Rss

hi all,
i have a 9yo boy, who the one i normally discuss in this thread. anyway we are having a few issues with him, attitude etc, but we are thinking that alot of it is rooted to his tiny build and height.
i dont know why but he just wont grow, put weight on, he has even had the same pair of shoes for nearly 2 years! i am not exactly sure of his height, he just told me he thinks he is 124cms????, but he only weighs 23kg! my DS2 is 7 and weighs 26-27kg, and i think my DD(5yr) is around 21kg. he was nearly 25kg few months back, but he got a run of tummy bugs and just cant seem to gain it again. He eats well and is pretty energetic too.
the othe day iwas putting sunscreen on him, and his arms felt soo thin, skeletal almost. i know people say to me all the time, u watch he will have a growth spurt, but seems we have been waiting for that for years!
has anyone else had simliar probs with their kids weight or height?
i know no one has replied to this post yet, but i just wanted to add....DS1 came out of the shower the other day and was soo excited, he said "mum i'm now 24kg, woohoo!" i think it made his day!
Hi Kristy

My youngest brother weighed 24kg up until he was about 12/13. He is now nearly 30 and is quite well built and stocky. Boys don't usually beef up or have growth spurts until their late teenage years.

I was always taller than my eldest brother until he was about 16. Everyone thought I was the eldest.

In my family, my son is nearly 6ft tall and only weighs 47kg at 16. He is skin & bone. Everyone tells me you need to beef him up, my answer to that is "You can't fatten thoroughbreds!" He eats us out of house and home! LOL!!!
My daughter stopped growing for about 2 yrs when she was 8 and beefed up really bad, to the extent that we took her to a dietition because we thought it might have been her diet. Once she started growing the weight petered out evenly. She is now 175cm tall at 13 (she's stopped growing now) and weighs nearly as much as me and i'm due to have a baby in just under three weeks. She's big-built tho.

It maybe that your son has a very quick metabolism.

I hope this helps a little bit....

hi moodymum, my daughter who is 4 1/2 is only 13 kg and 100cm so don't worry the pead said nothing too serious just a verry fast metabolisim and she will probably grow out of it

jade, sa

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