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Still in a cot at 3 !!!! Goodness me !!! Lock Rss

I know, for all who are reading this, you are in shock.....

I've got my three year old in a routine and she loves her cot (she was 9 weeks premi so lasted ina basinet for 7 months and still quite small for her age so the cot is still quite big)
We now have a 4 week old son, who our 3 yo adores. He was full term, so will only last a few months in the basinett.

My question is...... How do i get my 3yo into a bed and my 4 wo into her cot without any resentment on her behalf?

Hi there,
Have you tried your dd in a bed before? My friend had a similar situation like you ( but not premi baby) her dd at 2.5 still in a cot. Her mummy took her out on a special shopping trip and they chose a little bed and the whole attire, sheets quilt case pillows etc in her fave theme.! I thought it was a great idea and you know what it worked first night cos she felt like such a big girl! It has been about a month now for her and shes doing fine.
My dd is 18 mths and is still in a cot with all rails still up just last nigth i was thinking about how long she would sleep in it. Ive never even thought about moving her any time soon.
I hope this helps

Tania, Sydney, 22 mth baby girl

hi there ive got my 3 yrs old boy still in a cot and am not geting a bed for him till next year he love his cot at least you know where there are my daughter 5 yrs old and get up at night and walk around the house goes in the fridge get a drink get food sits on the lounge never ends with kids let me know how you go lisa
my youngest son who will be 4 on wed only got a bed in june so dont worry about it all my boys were over 3 when they moved into a big bed

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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