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11 year old mean to younger sister Lock Rss

Can any one help me????? I have got 3 kids 11,6 and 20 months and My 11 year old daughter is always mean to her 6 yers old sister. Not just in fighting but my 6 year old can't do anything right if she is proud about something and talks about it (from a 6 yo point of view) my 11 yo who can see the world differently has to always point out to her if she is wrong. Any acheivements at school have to be put down anything where she is bettering herself has to be put down the 11 yo has 0 respect for the 6 yo even with rules like going into each other bedrooms the 6 yo gets a hit if she goes into the 11 yo room but the 11 yo thinks that she can go into the 6 yo room whenever she feels like it regardless of if she is upsetting the 6 yo. My question is how do I stop this from happening??? How do i teach my 11 yo to respect her sister more? If I don't stop it now it is going to move onto the next generation from the 6 yo to the 20 month old and I'm having another baby so there will be another lot doing it.

She has great respect for anyone else has great manners and is doing really well in school and has plently of friends. I just happens with her sister.

Karen, 2 girls, 1 boy and 1 due edd 23.10.07

Sorry I don't have any great advice, but I just wanted to letyou know that you are not alone! My DS1 is 13 and he is driving me insane with the way he treats his sister (5), whenever she is excited about something he belittles her becuase he sees things from an older point of view. I think it is an age difference thing and am hoping that he is going to grow out of it sooner rather than later. I really hope that Miss5 doesn't start doing the same to Master2. I just keep encouraging Miss5 and reminding Master-too-big-for-his-boots that he used to feel exactly the same as his sister and he needs to let her experience the joys of being 5

All the best
Lisa gasp)

Lisa, SAHM of 3

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