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Hi All,
My DH and I have a 14mth old DS and we are starting to try for our next (yeah!). What i want to know is what do you do in terms of beds when bubs are this age and a new baby arrives - do u stick with the cot or go to a bed? it just seems a bit young to go to a bed...
How did you find having a 2nd one - what was the biggest differences from just having one (apart from juggling two!)??
(i just read that again and that sounds really stupid - but i think most of u know what i mean - i hope!)
Any tips / ideas welcome!!

I think it depends on your child. When my DS was born DD was 26mths old. We started her in her bed for day sleeps at 19mths and worked our way up from there, we were very lucky and by the time DS arrived she was sleeping in her "big" bed day and night. Now on the other hand DS will be 22 mths when #3 arrives and i just cant see him making the transition that easily, he is very clingy where my DD is very independant. Will will see how things go, but i will be making alternate sleeping arrangements for bubs just in case DS is not ready.

It was hard in the first few mths with #2 but once we got into a routine it all just followed from there. Dont get me wrong there are some days i want to scream, and times i would like solitude, but on the whole it really wasnt that hard......and im hoping going from 2 to 3 wont be either.
wishful thinking, lol

Hi Danielle,
My DS was 2 when my DD came along (they share their b'days, can you believe it exactly 2 years apart). My intention was to start putting him in his new bed for his day sleeps. He loved his new room and bed immediately and after 3 days he was fully set on sleeping in his big bed all the time! I was Lucky
My DS will be turning 3 and my DD will be turning 1 on 25/8. As far as having two, the only real difference is it can take you longer to get out and about of a morning! I am still bf and find this a real plus as I don't have to worry about bottles etc. I find from 4.30pm to 7.30pm it is kaos, dinner, baths, cleaning up, playing, bedtime story, "BED". Only suggestion try to make meals you can freeze in small portions, so some nights you get a break from the bedlem!
But I would'nt change anything I love it and will be trying for number 3 after chrissy!!
Good Luck! Enjoy

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we had our boys 25 months apart and when #1 was 19 months we moved to a bigger house and we put him straight into a big king single bed with one side against the wall and a bed rail on the other side, and he was fine as far as having the two its not as big a struggle as i thought it would be i do feel a bit bad about not being able to spend as much time with #1 as i used to and i feel bad about not spending as much time with #2 as i did #1 at his age but thats just te way it is and they love each other so much its the best thing we ever did, so good luck, youll be just fine.
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My first born was 23 months when #2 arrived. We actually moved him into his big boy bed in his own room when he was about 20 months old. We made it a big deal about him, he helped us choose colours, bedding etc (as much as he could). We moved him before bubs was born so that he didnt feel we were pushing him out & making way for #2. Baby #2 slept in our room in a bassinette for 3 months, then went to cot in our room, then at 1, she went into her own room, with no problems. We co-slept with her a bit too, cause it was easier for me breastfeeding. When you have 1 child you can basically get away with anything, sleeping, feeding, disiplin etc. But when #2 arrives, well thats a different story altogether. I mean, i think you learn from your mistakes from your first born. Like there was never a bed time, he just crashed on the lounge with us or came to bed with us when we went to bed. I have never had a strict routine for anything to do with the kids, but now i regret it majorly. He goes to school next year & has no idea what BEDTIME means. I am now pregnant with #3 & i have definitely learnt from my mistakes. The one thing i love about having then close is that they are great friends (2 years apart), i wouldnt change it for the world, but going from 1 child to 2 is a big wakeup call. It fun too!!!

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If I read correctly you are just starting to try for your second meaning that you aren't pregnant at the moment? Is that right?

Anyway, you might find that you can move your baby to a bed shortly before the 2nd one comes along. Most kids are ready to get out of their cot by age 2. My son was 23 months, and my daughter is 23 months next week. I am not sure if she will be ready though, she isn't climbing out of her cot yet, so we want her in the cot a little longer.

What you could do is take your baby shopping for the bed, get them to pick out the bed linen etc. This makes it easier for them to want to use a bed.

my ds went into a bed around his 1st birthday as he was trying to climb over the sides of his cot.
Also you should take him with you when you go to buy it, allow him to have a role in choosing his big boy bed, and bedding
you could get one, just to get him used to having one in his room and gradually do the change over.
my ds didn't have any problems with going into a bed and i have since bought him a car bed so he cant roll out during the night.

good luck

Thanks for ur ideas everyone!
In reply to Neens1 no i am not pregnant yet sad
I was keen to know some ideas so I can be 'prepared' before bubs comes along!
The main point i get from everyone is to make sure i include bubs #1 and do it well before bub #2 arrives - so i will do that!
My sons are 30 months apart. We got No 1 Son into his big boy bed about 6 months before No 2 Son arrived. By the time No 2 Son was born, a big bed was just a matter of course. Just make sure the bed is relatively low to the ground and sturdy. Bed rails are fantastic investments and you'll probably find that you might only need it for the first few months. Our only problem is that we no longer get to get up and potter around before the kids get up. No 1 Son tends to wake up and then get up - no lazy lying around for him!

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My eldest was almost 13 months when no. 2 was born, we bought a trundle bed and let her sleep on the pull out part of the bed (lined with pillows) - no so far in case of a fall and then she could make her way to us when she was ready.

Also came in handy when no. 2 was ready to use the "big" bed, didn't have to buy a new one!!
Hi everyone

I have a 20 month old daughter named Kimberley and I am 3 weeks away from giving birth to our second child. In regards to putting Kimberley is a single bed she was 18 months old when we put her in the single bed as we bought bunks and can go into 2 single beds when needed as we only put the top bunk together on the floor as it has the rails around it so she will not fall out. So all we have to do is set up the baby's room again for our new arrival. Kimberley has just worked out that in the morning or after her afternoon sleep she can climb out of bed and find us as before she would cry and wait for someone to come and get her. So by the time bub arrives Kimberley will be 21 months old.



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