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HELP!! - Melbourne Parents whose daughter started School as a 4 year old Lock Rss

Hi there,

I would like to hear from any parents whose daughter started Primary School in Melbourne at 4 years of age and whether you are happy about or now regret your decision. My daughter will be in that situation in 2009 as she was born in April and I need to decide whether to send her then or the following year.

I would very much appreciate your feedback.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

Not in Melb, but I started my son @ 4 - he was 5 end of March.

I do regret was too early, and it is only this year (grade 6) that he has started to catch up socially.

The school work is fine - he is advanced but lazy, but socially it has been a nightmare.

My son started prep when he was 4yo, he turned 5yo ten days after school began. I have no regrets whatsoever - he is in Grade 1 now and is doing extremely well in his reading, writing as well as socially. Not to brag, but just to give u an example, he is in the top group of his class for reading and writing. My son has been going to creche since he was about 10 months old - not full daycare, but Occassional care (for about 1.5 hours a day) - this was mainly for him to socialise as we do not have much family here in Melbourne. On the social front, he is good to - he makes friends very easily.


We are in NSW, DD started her first year of school this year, she is 5 and will be 6 in September, so 18 when she finishes school...I turned 18 in May when I was in yr 12...old hey!!! lol but we moved from NSW to QLD so I was a year older than everyone, but it had its good points.

As for DS he will also be 4 next year in April, so could start school in 2009...but he is my bubba - lol he will only be 4. I'll just wait and see until this time next year to make any I am leaning towards leaving it till 2010 as his speech is a bit we'll see.

Its so hard making these decisions for them huh...trying to do what will be best for our kids....
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