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DNA Tests - determining identical or fraternal twins?? Lock Rss

I was wondering if anybody has had the tests done on their twins to determine whether or not they are identical or fraternal.
Reason im asking is i was told whilst pregnant that they were fracternal but then when i had my c-section they told me they were identical for lots of different reason - one plancenta however scans showed two! One twin was slightly redder than the other etc.
Where did you get it done and does it cost to have it done?
Im kind of tossing up whether or not i want to find out because at this stage it makes no difference to us - we still love our boys and will no matter what the outcome of it was
Hey we were told all through my pregnancy and early days after delivery that the girls were definately not identical. They had there own sac and placenta so it would be rare for them to be identical. However after 2 years of everyone being absolutely confused and sure that they had to be identical i started to wonder. My girls have been enrolled in a tooth eruption study and the people running it needed to know for definate so they suggested the tests. I was lucky that the study paid for the tests so i cannot tell you how much they were however i can tell you it was a simple mouth swab performed at home and then sent away to a lab. The results came back 6 weeks later that they were definately identical. It didnt matter to us either way however it is really nice to know just for curiosity sake and to be able to definately say yes to people who ask and not get the comments like "you must be joking" " they have to be" "are you blind (yes i have had that one)"
I wouldn't mind getting one done as while i was pregnant my doctor said that they were not identical, and when born my obs said that they were identical..and ok they look alike but to me they are totally different.. They did have one placenta and just a thin membrane dividing them which as i see it is identical. But it would be good just to know so that later on i can actually answer the question without a 'i think so..'
Hi, Yes we had our twin boys tested, we are also enrolled in a dental study and the university needed to know, it was totally free and the results came back they were identical, even if we weren't in the study, I would have paid to have it done as everyone was driving me crazy asking me if they were or not.

2 x 29/01/06 + 1x 17/10/08

If you are still looking for places to get it done, both these companies do it, and it's $149 for the test. or
Hi All, I am an older twin and back when mum had us they never gave her a direct response in regards to wether my sister and I are identical or not! We have always wanted to know So when I read your post I was excited to hear about this test! Just a litte wary bout using the internet for such things! Does anyone know if we can go to our local Gp and ask for this test at all? Cheers Nat smile]

Both companies are very reputable and I have personally met each of the directors/owners for Thinktwins and DNA solutions.
What it entails is that upon receipt of your money they post out to you a swabb test for you and your sister to take sample from inside your mouth. You then seal it up and post it in the reply paid envelope back to the company.
Easy peasy and then you and your sister will know for sure!!!
GP's wont be able to process dna testing as it has to be done at a specialist lab and there are only a few in Australia.


We have very early scans for our twins and at 7 weeks a "thin" membrane was detected which we were told indicated identical twins. I wasn't sure, but then we were told at 16 weeks that they were both girls. We were scanned every 2 weeks for Twin To Twin Transfer Syndrome...but by 33 weeks it hadn't occurred. I had read so much about DNA testing and identicals. Well at 34 weeks we had acute TTTS and were told that ONLY happens with identicals.
I will definitely be getting my twin girls tested once they're born. At 7w 6d both were and still are measuring exactly the same but the sonographer said the eggs came from different ovaries therefore fraternal however the maternity hospital doctor and sonographer have told me that unless they're boy/girl (have recently going out both girls) I won't know whether they're identical or fraternal til birth or eve then til DNA testing as although they each have their own placenta and sac so do a third of identicals.
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