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Hi there

I have twin boys, 13 months old and am 3.5 months pregnant with one. I am looking at buying a new pram for all 3 bubs as my twin pram (Babylove) can not take a toddler seat. Does anyone have any suggestions? I looked at the Mountain Buggy Urban (3 seaters side by side) on the internet but cant find any reviews from Australian families and someone has recommended the Valco with toddler seat or the ABC buggy with toddler seat. Not sure what to do as boys will only be 20 months when bub is born and too young to have them walking when I'm out on my own. Its so expensive too and I just dont know what to do. Any other mums who had twins and singleton at a close age? would love any suggestions please


Do you mean the MB triplet pram? I think that would be too hard, very wide and heavy. I have a MB double but am also not sure if a toddler seat is available. MB have a website so maybe you could email them. Check out the Adventure Buggy...they also have a website and check out some of their videos on youtube. They have an attachment that goes on top of the pram that holds 2 babies ot toddlers.
As far as i understand MB dont' do a toddler attachable seat for safety reasons.. however i do believe that adventure buggy do.
they might do the baby thing on top also.. there is def one that does do a baby thing on top.. sorry cna't remember which

Not sure if this helps but my DD was only 2yrs when twins born & was so used to going in pram that i thought that i might of had to buy one with a toddler seat, but i managed to use a sling or baby carrier for 1, other in twin pram with DD, I did this for the first 3mths then she decided to walk but always kept carrier in pram when shopping in case she got tired then would pop one in carrier & her in pram. U could do something similar, use carrier sometimes with twins in pram, or take it in turns, one walking when gets tired swap with other twin, u could also look at a skateboard attachment for ur pram that one could stand on. These r just some cheap options instead of having to fork out for a new pram. Or u could arrange to do main shopping with ur mum, mil or hubby & have a single stroller for bub & when u go by urself use the carrier or one twin walks. Hope this gives u another option.
Thanks for your replies. Yes I have been thinking about just sticking to the twin pram and using a sling for the newborn. I dont think I will be getting out much with the 3 of them for a few months anyway but I always think of those moments were I may have to and how would I do it. Its so expensive to get another pram. I guess when I will be getting out I'll just have to make sure I have an extra set of hands with me to help out but I like your idea of having one twin walking then swapping when tired, they would then get the best of both

Thanks so much for your ideas

My boys were 22months when our daughter came into the world. I bought the ABC Adventure Buggy Company double pram with the infant/toddler recliner seat (which holds up to 25kg). It isn't a cheap pram but as a mum with 3 children under 2, it was an essential part of my life enabling me to get out of the house.

I used my baby bonus to purchase mine and it was worth every cent.
check the pram out at
Just want to add...go bubba go is the only authorised stockist now.
Nat, what pram did you have for the boys before you got the ABC. and what did yoyu do with it?
I had always planned to keep the girls in the pram for as long as possible for safety and convenience reasons but am trying to work out if it might be worth getting rid of our MB to get the ABC as the girls will be 27mths when bub arrives. we are also hoping to have more after this bub so am thinking that might be another reason to go with it and get the use.. even if the girls are old enough to be out the 3rd bub might be a toddler/baby when i have the next baby.. just such an exy exercise if the girls get out of it soon after. I am on my own with them pretty much all the time so need to keep them contained and need to be independently mobile too.


oooh just poking around google and wondering does anyone have the valco toddler seat on their double pram and how have you found it?
do you think it would attach safely to a mountain buggy double?
only prob then is the squabble about who gets to ride in it LOL

Hi i have the valco twin trimode with toddler seat, it is very easy to use as the seat is in the middle of the pram the weight evens out, ise it with a 4yr old, 3 yr old and 4 month old and have no trouble. I don't think it will attach to the mountain buggy as it has holes to clip into on the valco.

I had a look at the ABC buggy and it looks the same as the mountain buggy.. will their toddler seats fit onto mountain buggies?
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