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Hi mummies of multiples
Having 2 gorgeous bubbies is just the best, wouldn't have it any other way. Loving every minute. Now a year old, we really need a holiday. Problem is, I can't seem to find a nice place in Northern Nsw or gold coast area, that has room for 2 cots. Can anyone help???
Can porta cots not fit in some where??


I find you sometimes have to move things around but I have been able to get my 2 portacots in everywhere so far. might be a bit of a squish but its only short term.
Good luck. a great forum for multiple parents

We've been to numerous places in WA. And we've always been able to fit in 2 portacots, also have slept in rellies spare very small rooms. Normally you have to shift stuff around and it's a pretty tight squeeze but for short term its' ok.
Thanks for the tip but I don't have portacots and don't have the room in the car to cart them around. Does everyone out there with twins drive vans. How do you possibly fit a twin pram and cots into the boot. I spoke with one lady who takes a trailer..... I just think that there has to be nice holiday places out there that when they say "family friendly' they mean for young twins too. I want to be relaxed and comfortable.

thanks anyway
What kinda car do you have?? We can get 2 portacots, a stroller, and suitcases in the boot of our car when we go camping..

Lots of places if you are staying somewhere have a portacot you can use, so then you only need to take 1 with you.
There are also heaps of other options rather than portacots.. like a kindakot which is a go anywhere travel cot that rapidly folds and is very small 45 cms by 15cms when folded. And it can suit children from birth tp 4 years, and it has a screen on it to stop mozzies etc.. Can take it anywhere with you.

Maybe look into some other options that are easier to take away and fit in your car?
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