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Premie labour???? Rss

Hey all you mums to multiples, I was just wondering if you and how many weeks were you and what symptoms you had when you whent into premature labour?? I am a bit worried about this and sometimes I get a really uncomfortable pressure in my bottom. I have weird stomach cramps sometimes and just feel uncomfortable. Other times I feel like I could run a marathon, so wierd I dont know what to think. My ob always tells me to watch out for prem labour as if he thinks something will happen soon. I am really concerned as I would like to get to at least the end of June so I can bring my babies home. If anyone can help ease my mind would be great. Thanks heaps smile
i had my twins at 29weeks..
symptoms were normal labour things.. back pain. starting of really niggly.. tightening of the stomach.. also had the runs 2hrs b4 they were born and mucus plug around the same time...
ive heard that some preterm labours r wham bam thank you mame..all over b4 u no it.u may not realsie ur in labour till they r almost born.. i was told anytime u think it mite b labour to ring up and get checked.. all doctors say watch for preterm labour with twins.. it doesnt mean it will happen if they do say that to u..
also it doesnt mean anything.. but i no a few ppl with twins and triples that when their tummy measured 40weeks with in that week they went in to labour.. that happened to me.. but wont always b the case..
good luck.

I didn't have my twins prem i didn't even get to go into labour so can't help you there sorry..
Just wanted to write and say all the best and i hope everything works out for you.. Hang in there.
Hi and congrats on your twin pregnancy.
I had my girls at 32 weeks. My waters broke so it was quite obvious for me. My labour was very short and I went from very mild contractions to full blown ones rapidly. The whole thing was over within 6 hours. I delivered both bubs vaginally and are both doing well nearly 10months on.

A great website I have found that is really helpful with any multiple problems is
There are very helpful and supportive parents over there and usually someone will have been throught it.
Dont worry too much about when you will have your babies and just enjoy your pregnancy.

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