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Sick and tired of no twin trollys. Is any one else Lock Rss

Hi Im so sick of never being able to find a double trolley that i have decided to do something about it. Im going to write a letter to woolies, coles, kmart, target & big W, to all the major stores that I use & also to head offices about the fact there is none or maybe one or two. Im so sick of taking it out on my kids when its not their fault that its impossible to fit twins plus 3 boxes of nappies in a single trolley plus having a nearly 4yr old walking as well, its not fair to my kids & to me, they make so much money yet they cant even supply trolleys to us. Just wondering if anyone would like to join me in my fight. I am even willing to write up a letter that i can send people & all they have to do is put in the address & send it off.
Please I urge u all to help me get something that should be supplied to us.
I am so behind you all the way!!! I am due to have twins in a few weeks and have been looking at the trolley situation and I am worried that when I go there will be no twin trolleys. You never seem to have them when you need them or someone that does not need them has taken them!!!!!
YUP i hear ya!! We have 2 twin trolleys in this town in woolies, and there are stacks and stacks of twins that have been born in the last couple of years so there are never enough double trolleys!! Then what makes it worse is when you see a lady pushing a double trolley and she doesn't even had ANY children!!
the thing that annoys me is when you see a lady pushing a tiwn trolly with 1 child in and her handbag in the other seat! grrr!!! I have said some rude htings to women who do that! LOL

Hi everyone.
I have 1 yo twins and I have found woolies great. They only had 1 twin trolley in my area. I emailed them and within a couple of days they rang me back and told me they would purchase more. They got about 5 in total now. I emailed them again the other day to ask for more of trolleys that the kids sit in rather than the bassinet style ones and again they rang me and told me that more would be purchased and have given me the name of the local contact.
Many of these storesa dont know there is a problem but are very good at rectifying it when they find out. I have found woolies great. Any questions on what I wrote or anything else please feel free to pm me.
Amanda - a great multiples forum

My other pet hate is that they tend to hide the trolleys right in the middle of the shopping centres. I guess they dont want them "walking" but do they have any idea how hard it is to get two babies from the car into the shops, to find the trolleys without taking a pram.
Yes I have 19mth twin girls and I get to the shops and cannot leave the kids in the car to just go look for a trolley and it is not easy to find them. Have only done it about 3 times at Coles. It is terrible as I am on my own with the kids, I do have a husband who works but want to be able to get the shopping done so we can enjoy our time together.

Why can't they be where you want them to be rather than putting a search party out for them. I don't want to get into trouble for just trying to do the shopping... hard enough with 2 kids all by yourself and looking for a trolley. I don't want to have to get the pram to go get a trolley defeats the purpose of making it easy for yourself.

I agree there should be more of them and easily able to be found as well.
Its not only twin trolleys that are a problem, I have trouble finding a trolley that can sit a toddler and a baby, the only place with good trolleys here is Coles, they have twin baby, twin toddler, and baby/toddler trolleys ( a couple of each) but it sucks to have only one choice of grocery store due to the trolleys
The Multiple Birth Coordinator at my hospital suggested we speak to our local shop about the twin trolleys. Often they hide them so that those who don't need them can't grab them. She had an arrangement with her local that she would call when she had parked the car and they would actually bring the trolley to her car so she didn't have to worry about getting the twins (and these days all of our green bags) to the trolley. So they are capable of providing good service - just need to give them a bit of a prod.

Or you could do what I did once and push the pram (3 1/2 mth twins & 2 yo toddler aboard) in front and pull a regular trolley behind. I must have looked a sight - madness I know! I usually go alone.
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