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Hey there I was just wondering if there was any twin mummies that had a vaginal birth with one of the twins being breech??? If so how was it and did baby turn and how much more painful is it??? I think I read something somewhere before but cant find it now Pregnancy brain LOL. Anywaythanks if you can help smile
Hi.. I had a vaginal birth with our boys, they where born at 32 weeks....Twin 1 was head down ready to go, his water had popped, but twin 2
while not breech was still up in neverland not in any hurry to be born, before the boys where ready to be born they told me that they would give me an epeidual (spelling), just in case twin 2 decided to not turn and come down and they had to turn him or worst case go for a c section...he did turn himself though, he was born 9 mins later, they told me that they prefer only a couple of minutes between births, they had to pop his waters to get him moving along..once they had done that it felt like he came out on a surf board as so much water came rushing out.. sorry if tmi...
I am glad he did turn and come down as the epidual did not work on i felt everything...
sorry not really and answer to you question...

Take care and get lots of rest


Take care

Hi there.
Yes I gave birth vaginally to my twins who were both breech. They were born at 32weeks gestation. I was given a spinal anaesthetic and just as well as my 1st bub came out bum first no probs but my second bub was a little slippery and didnt want to come. She was born 23 mintes later feet first with a manual assisted delivery (pulled out by her foot basically). My girls were in a rush to get here. I was going to have a caesar with them but they were just too quick. You do have to have an experienced obstetrician who has done lots of breech deliveriues. I believe most dont like to deliver breech twins especially if they are your first baby. These were my first. Any further questions please feel free to pm me
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Hi there,

I gave birth to my twins at 36weeks the 1st was head down and the 2nd was breech, i was induced at 9am and by 11.10am my first twin was born, i did not have time to have an epidural, even though i had requested it. The birth of my breech baby was not any more painful than the first. I had been told throughout my pregnancy that i would probably have a c section, but I kept telling them I wanted a vaginal birth, i was then told that if one was breech i might deliver one naturaly & the other by c section. I hope this helps

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Hi there,
My twin boys were inducded at 38 weeks, i had an epidural and it was great no pain, I was told when to push etc. twin 1 came head down and entered the world with the aid of suction but twin 2 was transverse he arrived 6 minutes later with the aid of forecepts. Both boys were born fine and healthy but due to twin 2 been in the position he was in I ended up going into theater afterwards due to a big internal cut from the forecepts, but it was much better than going c-section which I really didn't want. The worst part was the healing of the internal stiches they are very very itchy not painful but really bloody itchy! take care and enjoy your twins
I had my 2nd set of twins breach

I was 38 weeks 2 days & induced

I did't have any drugs either

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