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DF has gone and made the final decision himself Rss

to have a vasectomy that is...he says he definately doesn't want anymore and that he is going to book himself in for just after this bubs is born. I have to admit i'm a little hurt and upset. I know I need to think about his needs and all too but I just didn't think that I would be 20 and have all my kids. I was thinking this be our last but i didn't want this door to finally be shut as i know i would have probably changed my mind in 5 years once i had some study done and the boys were at school.

just wanted to say it.

alyce xo

Aww i can understand why you are upset!! Just remember they are reversable so you can change your minds later on after you've finished studying smile
yea i know, but i talk to a doctor a while back and they can cost anywhere between $5000-$10 000 and limit his chances a great deal sad

I know it is his body, but gee having a family is a joint decision. It seems a bit selfish to me that he is making the choce for you. maybe you could persuade him into giving it a little bit more time? He might be content to wait for the procedure if he was comfortable with your choice of contraception??
He might change his mind before you have this bub.

I'm hoping so...i have 21 weeks to try and convince him otherwise

Our doctor needed to speak to the both of us and we both had to agree that it was our decision. He also requires that the male is over 30 to be steralised.
That is a big decision for him to make on his own. Maybe you need to sit down and have a chat.
There are a few doctors DF has talked to that said that he would be fine as he is 26 with 3 kids



I would be sad too...shouldnt it be a decision that you both make? I mean there are so many different types of conraception (sp?) out there...

I refuse to get my tubes tied and DH isnt allow to get the snip, i have told him if he does i would leave him...I dont want anymore kids i am happy with the 2 i have...but it is so never know if you are going to change your mind about more kids or not in the future...

Maybe talk to him about putting it off for awhile? See whether he changes his mind...


That's how i feel. i'm content at the moment as I will have 3 boys under 3.... and i certainly dont want to make it 4 under 4 or 5 under 5 but i may want more in 5-10 years time seeing as i'm only 20. he doesn't like me on contraception because it's make me really moody and also very tired ... i just feel either way someone will be disappointed if you know what i mean? he will be upset that something may happen and i will be upset if i know nothing could ever happen again.

that sounds like a rather quick decision seeings as you are always talking about the two of you wanting a big family.
are you sure someone hasn't been in his ear about it? (eg his mother?)
even though 3 kids would be plenty for me LOL it would be a shame to have such a certain future seeings as you are so young.
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