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Just found out... it's twins... what do I do now? Lock Rss

I found out yesterday that I am expecting twins, which is awsome and scary. They would be babies 3&4 which will leave sleeping arrangements a little tight, but I imagine manageable, somehow.

What do I do now? I am booked in to the hossy and they have given me a multiple birth clinic appointment, so that's a start, but still I am bewildered, overwhealmed!

Any advice appreciated! - Thanks
Hi shukka
Firstly congratulations on your twin pregnancy. I have twin girls who have just turned 1. They are such a delight.
I joined a multiples forum when I was pregnant with my girls and found this a great help. There were heaps of twin parents that I could ask all my questions to. The website is I found it great as these are real people who have had or are going through the same experiences.
I am not sure exactly what you want to know so fire away any questions. You can also pm me if you want to know anything or just wanna chat.
All the best

Thanks for the forum address Amanda, and the reply, I will go and have a look at the forum. TO be honest I am not sure exactly what my question is, I am so shocked / stunned by the news - this was a 'surprise' baby to start with and now it is two! I have done the whole 'raising a baby' thing and just don't know where I would start with raising 2 together plus the older two, none of whom are in school yet, so it will be a full on year till my eldest starts school! How do you cope with babies needs combined with the other children's needs, and get any sleep at all? Will you ever have a tidy-ish house again? how will I get that much washing done? Feed four little mouths and sit at the table for my own food?

it all seems so... incredible!

I guess I am worried as I have no family anywhere near, and will be doing all this on my own as hubby works long hours.
How far along are you? I would suggest making meals in advance and freezing them so that way you will have some nutritious meals just ready to heat when you are feeling tired. Also build a support network of friends. I too live nowhere near my family and know that at times you just need a little help. the girls are my only children which makes it a little easier. I am sure you will be just fine and will learn how to manage your time amongst all of your children.

freezing meals is a good idea, especially as cooking for the family makes me barf at the moment - BAD morning sickness. I am only 2 months pregnant - we found out early as I was so sick I asked for an early scan.

thanks again - I looked at the other forum and am awaiting account activation!
hello. im dani
i had girl/boy twins in february.. they were 29weekers.. they were due in may..
when the twins were born i also had a just turned 3 yr old and a 16mth old..
but its great having them so close.. its not as hard as u mite think.. if u wanna ask anything feel free too..

Thanks Dani - lovely pics by the way!

When you say it is not as hard... does that mean you get to sleep? have a little 'me' time? My older two have given up on naps, but sleep reasonably well, although DS is up at 5.30 -- always has been since he was an infant. How do you organise your day? how do you do shopping - I had a look today and the good shopping trolleys are non-existant in my local shops. How do you organise your sleeping arrangements - ie how do you do room sharing? Are there decent prams where you can put a toddler and two infants in, and yet still get it in the car... I am giving up on trams with that sort of pram!!

What sort of Car do you have?

Lots of questions... sorry!

Hi Shukka

It can be pretty tough to take in at first but it will all work itself out!!

Shopping Trolleys - Ask your local shop to order some in. If you do this they are usually very accommodating and if they are not - find a new shop! If you can get your groceries online, do it or try to go without the kids.

"Me Time" - You need good family support for some of that. Take what you can get and ask for it if you need it.

Sleep - This is the tough one. My twins are 18 months and still do not sleep through the night. This has nearly killed me and hubby but you survive and somehow keep on functioning. Don't ask me how but you do. Some others I know have twins who sleep through early on so you just have to wait and see what you get!

Prams - Valco runabout I think fits a toddler seat. I have one without the toddler seat and it fits in my car but it is heavy. Harrass every twin mum you see at the shops and find out what they think of their pram and try a few out at the shops to test how easy they are to fold, lift, push one handed etc...

Good luck and try to just relax and go with it - I think it is the only way to survive some days!!
hello..thats alrite..
i get between 7 and 13hrs sleep.. and have done since they were 3weeks old.. that was after hospital.. make sure u get them in to a routine straight up.. the twins i mean.. have them doing absolutely everything at the same time if u can.. it makes it so much easier.. i feed them at the same time.. and they pretty much have always slept at the same times.. so if one wakes for a feed always wake the other and feed that one too..
toddlers and sleep.. my oldest hasnt had naps since she was 12mths old.. my younger of the two usually has a 30minute nap.. its a bit pointless but she needs my 2 are also up by 6am..

shopping.. my partner and i take the kids food shopping.. its much easier.. other wise id have to push 2 trolley around my self.. and most shops near us do not have twin trolleys either..
we dont really have a routine or anything we specifically do.. it does take a bit of planning to get out of the house.. to make sure they are all fed and then getting them all in and out of the car..

my older two share a room.. and the twins share a room.. make sure u put the older two in the same room b4 the twins arrive if thats wat u plan to do.. both my olders sleep differently.. the older one will just sleep.. but the younger one i need to shut the door otherwise she wont sleep..

how old are u older two?
Prams-- we bought the steelcraft side-by-side.. cose when we were looking it was the only decent side by side available.. we bought my now 21mth old a skate board that attaches to the back of the pram.. she loves it..
Car- we have a kia carnival.. and the pram fits in good. it does take up all the boot and we have to fill the car with the shopping but that will change once the twins are old enough for their seats to b turned around.. it will give us more space..

i hope that answered a little bit of ur questions..


just found out i am 16 weeks pregnant with twins and also have 2 other children 20mts and 4 1/2 yrs, was just wondering where you got the skateboard from for your pram as my youngest would love it, any other important information greatly recieved


pregnant with twins

congrats on the twins..
all baby stores should have them.. depending what brand u get they range from $70 to $100 and something..
also maybe try looking on ebay.. they hav them a fair bit..

Tracy congrats on your twin pregnancy.
Shukka how are you going? Hope all is well

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