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For those who have gone from two to three children... was it hard?

What are the pros and cons?

Has it been more financially draining on your family??
replying cos I'd like to see responses too smile
I'll let you know in a few weeks smile

Financially, yes it will be a little tougher for us coz DH is in a different job now. He does get paid well, but the hours are really unpredictable (he's a Personal Trainer, so his income is really really dependent on other people).
It's also going to be tough going from 1 in nappies to 2 in nappies. DS is nowhere near ready to TT so we've got at least 12 months I reckon before that expense gets cut.
I'm pretty sure I'll be FF this one too, which is an expense we haven't had to deal with for over 12 months now..
Only thing is we have plenty of clothes for either sex so don't need to buy any more in that regard, but on the other side DD and DS are constantly growing! So still some expense there.

DD is starting kindy this year so that's an added expense too - not sure yet whether we'll drop her child care hours back or not - if we do, that's extra money in our pockets. If we don't that's another ongoing expense, plus DS is just about to start going for another day.

I think that's the major expenses we'll be looking at.. I think we'll cope ok. We always seem to!

Our no.3 is now 6 weeks old. And in my opinion going from 2-3 was very hard. I was that busy and that worn out with looking after my 2 girls that now im just that flat out i'm exhausted. But in another note you do start getting used to it, but i found the 1st few weeks very hard.

I'm replying to get responses too. I get a lot of people looking at me like I'm crazy and telling me not to have anymore sad

Posted by: Katey G
I'm replying to get responses too. I get a lot of people looking at me like I'm crazy and telling me not to have anymore sad

I've had some less than positive responses from close people I have told about number 3. There are 14 months between the first two and will work out nearly the same age gap between the next two. Doesn't help much does

God I hope DD1 toilet trains soon......
ill be honest yes it was hard but i was already in a strict routien with my older two we had school, footy swimming so we were in and out alot and i found that DS3 just kind of fell into place, like he had always been there.

money wise having 2 in nappies was pricy we did that for about 14 months but otherwise it was ok.

so i personally didnt find it too bad im not saying it was always easy as i had 2 who didnt sleep at night and that would have been the hardest part for us.

good luck
I haven't found it too bad to cope with. There were rough patches at the start when DD was up constantly during the night. But from the start she just fit in to what we did so it felt like we had her forever.
DH helps alot with the kids - prob wouldn't be able to cope if I had a hubby that wouldn't help (he does breakfasts & bath/bed).
We are feeling the financial strain atm. But Ds2 was tt before xmas so only 1 lot of nappies. And DD is down to one bottle which I'll soon switch to cows milk then remove by 14months. Clothes wise is starting to cost. Before I just used gifts & the boys stuff but now she's 1 I feel she needs girls clothes & we don't have hand me downs!
DS1 has just started school so I imagine it will be more hectic but I'm sure we'll all adjust.
2 wasn't an option for us & we love our little family (which is considered large but most)

I found it a lot harder going from 2-3. DD1 was just 3 and DS was 19 months when DD2 was born. It was very challenging when bub was younger, but now she is older and we are more in routine, things are getting easier.
i went from 1 to 3 and even though i have PND i havent found it too bad

DD adjusted really well to the boys and they settled straight into her routine. i love they fact that they are close in age as they already seem to have a great bond (will probably change my mind on that once the boys are moving and annoying DD lol)

financially we have had to budget a lot better but we are still able to save money each week (for our wedding at the mo and then for a house). in say that tho we do get a working for families tax credit (nz) each week, if we werent getting that we would only just be able to survive
My 3rd is 6 weeks old so am right in the middle of it right now! smile

I have found it harder going from 2 to 3 just cos my 2 DSs fight and like to do so when I am breastfeeding! Also my DS2 is quite a mummy's boy so it's been hard for him.

Other than that, it's just been really busy. I have had hardly any time to myself... and I spend my evenings after the kids are in bed doing housework. I try to fit a 20min nap in the afternoon but sometimes can't.

Good luck with your decision!

hi there, we are think of going from 2 to 3 aswell. we have DD who is 4 in july an DS who will be 3 in july so there will be roughly a three year age gap between the youngest two. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!

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