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Hi, I'm 34 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins and have been told I will be induced at 37 1/2 weeks but DH thinks they will come earlier than this and I'm a bit worried they'll only be small.

Just wondering how big your twins were when they were born and at how many weeks? And how long did they have to stay in hospital for?

hi there
i had a c section at 37 weeks with my twin boys!
they weighed a good 5 pound 13 and 6 pound 8. we were in hospital for 4 days and was totally eager to get home!!!!
good luck with your twins they are lots of fun!!!
Well Done on making it this far! It is no mean feat to carry let alone parent twinnies, but it is the most joyous time smile
My girls were born at 33 wk 4 days weighing in just on 5 pds each, one 46cms and one 54cms!!! WOW WEE they would have been whoppers if I could have made it to 40weeks! I went into labour naturally (at 32wk 5 days the Drs were able to stop it), and then again those few days later but they decided not to stop it. It ended in an emergency c-section.
They spent 1 month in NICU/SCN. They were going to be sent home after 10 days (they were doing beautifully, but then one got sick so we took a few steps back and they didnt want to seperate them). They are now heading for 2yrs and going great guns.
Best of Luck
All will be well

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Hello there,

After being told to be careful of possible preterm labour I was induced at exactly 38 weeks. I thought I was going to burst but the twins were actually a bit small for term at 2.3 kg each but 51cms long. We stayed in special care for 1 week to be sure they were feeding correctly and putting on weight. They were also a bit crooked but straightened up fairly quickly with a few months with a peadiatric physio. It was a worry at the time but no issue now. They are now 3 and growing strong, both slim builds but fit and strong. They have an older brother who was 21 months when they were born and his height / weight chart has always been above them for the same age. I think regardless of being a twin, the genetic make up is already present. All we hope for is healthy births leading to healthy children.

Good luck to all those mums going through a twin pregnancy. It will be worth it for 2 precious babies. What a wonderful experience to look back at (once the body, has forgotten that is)

I got to 38 weeks and 2 days with b/g twins went I went in for a planned c-section. They are now 5 weeks old.

She was 6pd 7oz and he weighed in at 6pd 1oz. Both were good weight, didn't require any help breathing and didn't have to go into NICU.

I stayed at the hospital for a week and only came home on that day because was my daughters 2nd bday. The hospital were great, didn't try to rush me out of there and I could of have stayed longer if I wished. I was glad to be home though. Take advantage of their experience and help while in hospital is my advice.

I have 2 others to care for as well. It is very busy but also very rewarding and I know the hardest part doesn't last forever. You can and you do manage even if you doubt it at the beginning. Congrats and good luck.
Hi ladies

I got to 33 weeks as my health started deteriorating. I had to have an emergency caesarean which was scary at the time!!!

My twin boys were healthy weights 5 pound 3 and 4 pound 12 and a half.

They have recently turned one and are going well! smile
[center]My first set were born at 34 weeks & weighed 4lb 10oz & 5lb 12oz ....
They were in the special care nursery for 13 days .... They were born naturally & I breast fed for 12 mths .... They are now 10 yrs old

My second set were born at 38 weeks & weighed 6lb 1oz & 5lb 5oz .... we came home the next day .... They were born breech, naturally & I breast fed for 15 mths .... They are now 6 yrs old[/center]

My identical twin girls were induced at 36 weeks (was told that this was a standard for babies sharing placenta due to recent research)- I had a natural delivery with epidural (in case of complications second one was breech)I had already had a natural delivery previously with my son - they weighed 2.2 and 2.3 kgs each. We spent a week in normal ward and then home! They are now 16 months old, healthy and busy!
Our girls were born at 33 wks 3days and weighed 2kg and 2.1. Delivered by c section as one of cords had stopped working properly. We were in special care for 5 weeks as they were born without a suck reflex.
They are now 5 1/2 months old and doing just great.
My boys were born at 38 wks by planned c-sect as I had one with my first child. They were 4p 13oz (2.2kg) & 6p 12oz (3kg). The little one had to spend 1 night in NICU, as it is standard in the hospital I was at for babies under 2.5kg to do so. He was back on the ward with me the next day & we came home on day 3 with no further issues. They are now 6 1/2 wks old & doing well. If anything, my little one is doing better than the bigger one. He drinks more and is gaining weight & growing at a faster rate than the big one (trying to catch up, I think!!) grin
My twins were born at 39 weeks - non identical. weigh 5pound 6 and 6pound 7. I gave birth naturally in a hospital with a 2 hour labour had them on a friday and we home on the monday! they are now 6 years old!!
I had my ID girls at 34 weeks. I knew I was going to have a c-section due to the risk of TTTS during a natural birth and thank goodness I did because at 34 weeks we had acute TTTS and they would have been at serious risk of death and CP if I had had them naturally. I had them within 20 minutes of diagnosis (I masked the symptoms of TTTS even though I was scanned every week or so since 5 weeks). Donor twin was 1.8 and recipient was 2.2 but false weight due to extended liver 4 times normal size due to her being the recipient. Donor twin stopped at 28 weeks. 4 weeks in special care and not problems due to the TTTS. Now almost 2.5years and still a height and weight difference. Donor twin slightly different face shape but all features are identical. Little miracles, I love them!
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