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I'm not sure if there has been a post previously about breastfeeding twins but I'm curious as to if anyone did breastfeed their twins for and how long..

I breastfeed my other two (single babies) for 13 months and 15 months, I really want to feed for 12 months, if I can't hoping to do it for 6 months if not than I don't know. I just dont want to have high expectations like the midwives are giving me.
I have a friend with 10 children. She had twins last and at the time had 5 under 5. She breastfeed them for almost 3 years I think.
If you had breastfeed successfully in the past then I can't see why you would not be able to with twins.
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khmum wrote:
I don't have twins but my cousin just had twins a few weeks ago and she breastfeed them both. She has a breastfeeding pillow that's made for twins and she feeds them at the same time, both lying on the pillow in the football hold position. I guess it is a bit harder with 2 but I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to feed them for 12 months or beyond smile

do you know where she got the pillow from? the midwife suggested to me to half sit/lay and have them lay down my stomach. i wont be able to do that as i have a bad back, due to bigger breast and my last labour being 12hours with spin to spin

BellyDancingDanni wrote:
I have a friend with 10 children. She had twins last and at the time had 5 under 5. She breastfeed them for almost 3 years I think.
If you had breastfeed successfully in the past then I can't see why you would not be able to with twins.

thanks for the vote of confidence, my aim is a week, if i make it 6 months ill be proud if i feed 12 months ill be over the moon, ive decided not to pressure myself and see what me and the girls are comfortable with when they are born, just hope they are willing to try like i am smile
i guess you cannot complain with breastfeeding one, i wondered what i would do if i could only feed one, and i said id put both on a bottle, and do it that way, but than i look at the price of formula and reconsider

just trying to find out as much as i can before they come so when it happens im a little bit more prepared
My sister has 5 month old twins, she's bf them exclusively. Definitely get a twin feeding pillow. They're more sturdy than normal pillows so you can feed both at the same time. Good luck! smile

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I breastfed both my twins till they were 18 months old and they were born by caesarean at 37 weeks. At the start it was a little hard as they were both quite small Miss P was 2.1kg and Miss L was 1.8kg but by the time they were both a week old they were fully breastfed. In the first week when they were having trouble attaching they had expressed breast milk.
I had a firm boomerang pillow which I used to put on my lap and hold them both in the football hold. Within the first month they both decided the breast they liked best. My bigger twin Miss P had the side that always had more milk with fast let down, Miss L liked the slower one lol

As Dani said you have been able to bf your eldest 2 kids successfully so there shouldn't be a reason not too bf this time although this time your babies are being delivered earlier which may impact the milk coming in as usual but with the advice from the lactation consultants at the hospital you should be OK smile
Good Luck hun I wish you all the Best of Luck smile xx

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It's certainly possible. You need to make sure you have a robust supply for starters, so don't waste time with expressing and establishing good breastfeeds. Often twin mums find that at first, it's easier to feed one baby at a time until both you and the babies are confident at latching, then you can try different positions to twin feed. I believe the Australian Breastfeeding Association has "twin feeding" classes and sometimes the hospital will have specific classes for mums of multiples. Failing both those options, you could look at hiring a lactation consultant to give you advice and assistance in the early days.

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Yep! I'm feeding my 7 month old girls and formula or donor milk has never crossed their lips. It is so possible! I know of 2 triplet mums that are breastfeeding strong at 1 year on!
There is a few Facebook groups called "Breastfeeding twins and Multiples, six success stories" and just "Breastfeeding twins" and they are a great source of information and encouragement for me.
My daughters have had tongue tie and lip tie issues which is common among twins, but I have also found that feeding them together isn't as easy as what I had hoped it would be as a result. I noticed that one poster said that they experienced issues with getting one twin to take the breast? Perhaps get your child checked for lip and tongue ties because this is found to be one of the leading causes and can go on to cause dental issues and speach issues too. Not in all cases is that the cause, but so many kids I have met that had this issue early on went on to have tongue tie issues found later...
Sorry I don't come on here usually but thought I should answer!
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