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Moving house and having a baby, should I split up my twins??? Lock Rss

Hi all.
We have a busy end of the year coming up with baby #3 arriving around the same time as our new house will be built and Christmas will be upon us (bad timing I know!)
We currently live in a 2 bedroom unit and will be moving to a 4 bedroom house. My twins, currently 16 months have shared a room since birth and are still in cots. When we move we will have ample room for each child to have their own room.

DS thinks its better to have all changes happen at once so we put the twins in big beds in their own room in the new house all from day 1. What do you think? Should I put them in their own room straight away? Take the sides off their cots in the new room to transition them into bed shortly after? I can see where he is coming from, but can too many changes too soon be too much? Or would it be better? Not to mention, during this time we will have another baby come in so that adds another change to my twins lives. They will be 20 months by the move.

Personally, I believe even if you have the space, kids are still allowed to share, especially when younger. Sure, once they teenagers (or before) they might want have separate rooms, but in my opinion, probably no need to separate them now at 20 months of age. Also once the new baby comes, at least they can be together still and have each others company if your busy with bub for a moment or two. smile Good luck with it all smile
Hi, personally, I would never split up twins until they requested it. Especially if they are so little. My girls are not twins, but have shared a room since birth and would hate to be split up and they are 7 and 4. They are also asking that the youngest move into their room too once she is old enough. I would take full advantage of having them in the same room for as long as possible. Less rooms to clean, save on heating and cooling costs and they will be a comfort to each other. Twins especially need each other when they are little. If you are moving house too, then that will be massive enough without being split up too. All the best with it!
I wouldn't split them to they ask in the near future. Twins or not twins I'd do the same.

I have twin dd's who turn 9 at the end of the month. I would never split up my twins as they have such a bond. Till they were 18 months old they slept in their cot together, cuddled up together. They then got big beds but still shared a room and most nights despite being put in their own beds would end up in together. They still share a room and my eldest dd, who's only 16 months older than them, started sharing their room about 5 years ago. They all sleep in a queen size bed together and I love that they all are so close and care so much about each other. If they choose to have their own rooms down the track thats cool too but atm I love that they all share smile

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I have twin boys. They shared the one cot till they were about 20 months old. We went overseas when they were about 17 months old and came back when they were about 20 months. Before we went we got them big beds. So when we came back they went straight into the big beds. My parents took the cot down when we were away. They share a room and probably will till they ask to be separate. We have a spare room at the moment so space in not an issue. We found that when they first went into the big beds they would not lay down and go to sleep till they could see each other in their own bed. I think it was a security thing. They are better now but still like to make sure that the other is in bed or getting ready for bed.

I would not separate them. As others have said twins do have a special bond and I would not like to break that.

Do what you think is right for you and your twins. You could try and if things don't work out put them back together.

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