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Thanks to our member suggestions I am pleased to announce the launch of a forum for parents with Multiples.

I hope you will find this forum a supportive and informative place to share your unique joys and challenges, from pregnancy through to parenting.

With the incidence of multiple births on the rise, we think this forum is a valuable addition and adds yet another layer to the parenting journey on the Huggies Forum.

Thanks again for your contribution.

My name is Vicki and I have a 3.5yo D and 17wo TRIPLETS, 2 girls and 1 boy. Their names are Miah, Cody & Ellie. They were born at 35w 1d - Miah 1880g, Cody 2070g, Ellie 2050g at Newcastle Private. We spent 18 days in total at hospital, 15 in the Special Care Nursery.

It is the most amazing and frustrating experience, raising multiples.....especially when you have another small child. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information & help available (although the wonderful ladies in the Multiple Birth Association are an invaluable bunch of ladies!)

I would love to hear from other mums about how they've handled certain situations and when their babies are reaching milestones. Even though you may have a child already, multiples are an entirely different ball game!(especially if they're premmie)

Hi, my names Tamara.
I have a 10yo boy Jack, 6.5yo boy Joshua, 5yo girl Charlotte an 9 week old twin boys Joseph and Jesse.

Joseph was born with Hirschprungs Disease so we spent a bit of time in the NICU at the John Hunter.
We are home now and doing well. (Actually he had his first poo this morning, VERY EXCITING!!)

I totally agree with you that having 1 child is COMPLETELY different from having 2 or in your case 3!!!
How are you coping???
Hi Tamara,

We are coping quite well considering!! Our babies are a bit older now and very settled into a good night time routine - daytimes are very fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. This week I have 4 sick kids and 1 baby that has decided she doesn't want to have any day sleeps!!

All of them go to bed by themselves, with little resettling and 1 baby sleeps through the night, which helps a lot! Heaven help me if this was my first pregnancy! I think having a first single baby has made a big difference.

I should be asking you how you cope!?! Although I guess your 3 eldest are a big help.

Have you joined the MBA yet? There's a baby's group that gets together every 2nd Thursday and they are all lovely mums.

Hope you all had a lovely Father's Day today!!

Hi im Kristi

I am due with twins on the 28th Feburary 2009, i was hoping to join your group as im going to need all the support i can get... I have a 16mth old Son called Jett, Im really worryin about how he is going to handle the adjustment to 2 new bundles of competition!!!

I am hoping to give birth naturally, i have joined a multiples twin group thing and only 1 of the ladies there has been able to do it naturally

i had a extremely long labour that was totally horrible and was nothing like i had planned it to be... so hoping this is going to be a much better experience!

Hi Kristi,

Congratulations on your twins!! Don't worry too much about Jett's reaction, if you prepare him for they're arrival ahead of time he should be fine. He's only a wee chap but he'll soon get the gist that he's going to get 2 babies. Maybe buy him 2 baby dolls to play with and role play with him?

Don't forget that every pregnancy and every birth is different and sometimes not what we planned - these babies have their own ideas about how things will be!
Usually subsequent babies arrive much faster than the first. But prepare yourself for the fact that you may need to have a caesar, that way you won't be too disapointed if you do have to have one. I hope you get to birth the way you want to.

The MBA should have a video you can borrow about having multiples. The one I saw in hospital was interesting to see even if it was outdated!

I may not be able to post on a regular basis, but if you want to know anything, just ask.

Good Luck

Hi all,
I have 12 week old twin girls and a 3 year old daughter, I'm so glad I found this forum as the help available for single babies sometimes doesn't fit a twin (or more) family! As you are all no doubt aware. Kristi, congratulations on your twin news; and I'm with Vicki - no two births are the same so don't think you will have the same experience again. I wanted a completely drug & intervention free birth with my eldest daughter, and ended up having Peth. & ventouse; with the other two I wanted every drug they could legally give me but they came so quickly I had absolutley diddly squat! I birthed them both vaginally as well but that was more credit due to my midwife I think, who just refused to let me give up. My second twin was a breech and didn't turn and my Ob. was so itching to do a Ceasar, and by then I just didn't care, but the midwife overuled us both and kept talking me through the whole birth until out came little Megan , bruised and battered but very robust and healthy. So my advice is, keep the Ceasar option very open because in reality with twins it is more likely to happen, but on the other hand try to choose a good hospital with really good midwives! I know - easier said than done. I think I was just lucky, really.

As far as your little boy goes, I found it helpful to think of it this way: he would react whether you brought home one baby or two. He doesn't know that having two brand new baby brothers/sisters is not normal, so he's not going to feel especially hard done by just because there's two of them. His jealously will be the same as if there was only one. Pretend that two babies is normal and try to spend some time with him on his own every day (I read this bit in a book but haven't managed it yet myself - about twice a week, on a good week, is the only quality 1 on 1 time I have managed with my eldest so far! But when I do manage it I find she really responds well)

This is turning into a long post and I just wanted to say hello!
Take care everyone,


Hi there.

Im really happy about this new forum to chat to some other mums with multiples especially triplets.

I have 1 set of 22 month old triplets 2 girls a boy. Lochie, Andie and Mylee.

They were born on the 31.3.07 at 34w 4d. Lochie-4pound2 Andie- 3pound5 and Mylee 4pound7

They stayed in hospital for 17 days. The hospital was great letting them stay in together instead of taking Mylee home early which I did'nt want to do. smile

Haha i see now that this forum has been open for several months...bummer it did'nt pick up sad
Well it seems that our little treasures are keeping us run off our feet! Has it really been that long between posts?

How is everyone going? We've just celebrated our triplets 1st Birthday! We have 2/3 walking and one not far behind! So who knows what trouble they'll really get into now?

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