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Hi everyone,
I am needing to pick your brains again!!!

What did you do when one of your twins or HOMs showed signs of being able to sleep for a longer time at night? Mason wakes usually every 3.5-4 sometimes 5 hours at night. Trouble is Ava usually isn't all that interested in the feed.

For example, last night they had a bottle at 6pm and were in bed at 6:45. We dream fed them at 10pm and Ava only took a very small amount. Then Mason woke at 1:30am so we fed Ava too. Again she took about 40mls. When Mason woke at 4:30 DH insisted on trying a feed with both of them but neither of them really wanted it, Mason had woken cos his reflux was pretty bad. Ava took maybe 50mls and then slept til 7:45am.

I am terrified that if I don't feed her when Mason wakes I'll be up again 15 minutes after I get back into bed. Any suggestions?

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

You could give it a go Carly....if she is not interested then i wouldn't be waking or getting her up for a feed. Besides that if she is happy to sleep through the night...waking her could possibly cause her to 'get used' to being fed at that time.

Go with the flow....if it doesn't work then go back to feeding her...but by the sounds of things....she doesn't need or want to drink.
I always fed both of them, if one woke and the other was still asleep, then i would still feed the sleeping one....cause you know that they will probably wake in the next hour or two...just when you have managed to fall back asleep...arrgh!!


That is excatly my concern Danielle!!! And I think Ava has hit a growth spurt in the last week cos now she is waking before Mason. Just when you think you have them sussed....

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

I was wondering the same thing the other night! Mason & Liam last night slept for 6 hours!!! I couldnt believe it and i wanted to go to bed so badly but it was so close to the next feeding time it wasnt worth it - ended up being another few hours before we decided to wake them, they then slept 5 hours! My boys are 3 months old and never turn away their food even when they arent really hungry - they are just pigs smile I think tonight im going to just leave them and play it all by ear!
Hi Girls

Carly I have always been worried about the same thing. I am still feeding them both and at the same time however, I was speaking to a lady who had 2 sets of twins, she said she always woke the first set at the same time and fed them at the same time until she worked out that 1 of them would have been sleeping through the night for months before them, the second set she ended up just feeding them at different times. She said this worked better but I don't know how she did it lol. I have found if 1 wakes before the other that if I put that one into bed and give him/her a bit of a cuddle we would both fall back to sleep until the other woke. As a rule I would never put a baby into bed with me but now there is 2 Im only human and need some sleep LOL. I found that after doing that for about a week they are both now sleeping though till about 3.30 /4am after about a 9'oclock feed.

I have been keeping an eye on you and the girls. We moved house and they didn't connect out internet for 2 weeks, they gave us dial up until then however by the time I signed on and got to where I wanted to be on huggies I had to tend to someone LOL. Im glad you are doing better hun, you have had a rough time. I hope everything just gets better and better for you. I have been spoiled with these pair they have been very good but have thier muck up time every afternoon until they go to bed at about 10pm LOL, just when you are trying to get dinner, the other kids bathed, eat dinner etc, why do all babies know to muck up at that time.

Ok better go and do some work while these bubs are asleep.
Take Care

Hey Collette a HUGE congrats on the arrival of Lachie and Jorja...I will let the others on MWW know.

We have been wondering what when and how!!


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