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Anyone returning to study after having a baby? Lock Rss

Hi. Just wondering if there was anyone returning to study after having a baby or even if you have older children?
DD is 10 mths old now, and I would love to go to Uni later down the track. I was thinking I'd have another baby first and then start a degree. The one I want to do is four years full time. I was thinking when I've finished, I could get into a job I really liked, and earn money to provide more for the kids.
DP however, is not so enthusiastic, focusing more on the cost of it all, and would I really stick it out or just change my mind half way through. It really upsets me that he's not being as supportive as I think he should be. Or is he just being realistic?
I've worked in a supermarket for over six years. I worked up to a department manager. I just feel like I can be so much more. Apart from being a mum, which is the biggest thing in the world for me. When my children are old enough for school, I dont want to be fiddling around the house, or going back to the supermarket. I'm not saying there's anything at all wrong with that, I just feel that's not for me.
Sorry to go on a bit, just needed to get that out.
Anyone out there with simular situations? I'd love to hear from you!

hi, i have a 10 month old daughter.i'm planning to go to uni starting in july next year.
i was a restuarant manager before and the working hours just don't suit me anymore (nights and weekends) and refuse to go back to working as a cafe waitress( better hours),i've been there and done that and there is know challenge in it for me anymore.
my situation is a little different i'm a single mum and refuse to be poor for the rest of my life, so heading to uni ( and being very poor for the next 4 years) then getting a good job to support my little girl. i also feel i need it to keep my brain working and have something for myself other than being a mum.
as for the cost yeah its going to be tough but the way i see it is wen kids are little they don't need heaps of "stuff" my DD is happy with a catelogue to play with or a trip to the park not 1000 i would prefere to have less money now than later on wen she feels as though she is missing out on stuff.
it's a shame that ur DP isn't being supportive, it might be that he is a little bit scared of the change, u off doing ur own thing, meeting new people etc, but if he thinks u wont stick with it maybe doing a supporting course at tafe to start off with( u can get uni credit for these) might show him that ur serious.
hopefully all goes well
[Edited on 22/12/2007]
when my son was 7months old i finished my studies wich was hard but i made it work and i had the motivation to do it.
my son is now 2 and a half and im starting uni next month wich is a 4 year course. i recently quit my job as a director of a childcare centre so now im keeping my son home with me.
i am doing my course from home. wich is the way i did it when he was 7months. this way i don't need to worry about daycare fee's, being away from my son and time and travel. i can study while he has his naps or i can study at night when he is asleep. it can be a bit tricky but you have a partner that can help you so that you have time to study.
i am a single mum and did it while living on my own so im sure you can too.
don't worry about getting half way through and not can always defer it, and while im doing it externally i can choose how many units i want to do a im not going to over load myself like i did when my son was 7months.
follow your dreams. if you feel that your up for it and you want to do it than go for it, you don't want to look back 10years from now and think 'dam i really wish i did that' and regret it. go for it.
goodluk and let me know how you go

Danni, WA,

Hi there

I am a Registered Nurse, but have been a stay at home mum since my DD was born in May 2006. I also had a DS in October 2007. Part of the reason I had my kids close was so I could go back to work/study sooner.

I am hoping to do a 12 month Uni course in midwifery next year. It is only available internally and it is fulltime (combo of prac and theory) so I know it will be tough, but I am determined smile

It's a shame your DP isn't too supportive.. Give it your best shot, follow your heart. Ok, things may get too tough and you may decide to defer, go part time or withdraw.. But at least you will never wonder "what if....."

Best of luck!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

Hi there,
I'm about to study a bachelor of Nursing program externally through CQU. It's a 3 year full time course load. I'm a bit worried about not havig enough time to get it all done, but 6 years part time is just too long! Once I've finished uni, I want to work full time, and study midwifery, which CQU also offers externally (18months full time) though I'd like to do it at a part time pace. By the time I've finished studying the nursing program, my kids will be in kindergarten and grade 1, so I don't need to be at home as often anyway.

Good luck with making a decision, I hope your husband becomes a little more supportive!

I have a 10.5 month old and I am starting year 12 tomorrow (only have 6 months left) I have been doing distance education but it is really hard so I am going back to a state school then I am hoping to study accounting at uni. I really need the mental stimulation and I think this will be great for me. I don't want to work in a a job that anyone can do for the rest of my life so to me it is really important to finish my studies.
I'm returning to study later on in the year to finish off 3 papers extramurally. My DS is 10mths old , and I am thinking of having number two after my studies. I say go for it, do something for yourself, and it will benefit your entire family in the long run. I know at times it will be a mission to do but worth it. My DP is supportive of my studies, but not as much as he could be like your DP. It put me off abit, but then I realised that I had to do it for myself, I still have alot of working years ahead of me, once my family are abit more grown. I've watched my mother in her 50s go to uni and complete a degree,and she totally pushes the value of education.
I say go for it!!! It will be hard - very hard, but it will be worth it. I have a primary teaching degree and have been doing my masters since i went on maternity leave, so I actually had my baby half way through the semester and I sat my midsemester exams when DD was 2 wks old.

DD is now 5 months old and I have just gone back to work 2 days a week and I am still studying part time. I work 2 days a week and bring in great money, the cost of a degree is nothing compared to life when you are qualified to do something. Anyway you can just defer it to HECS or whatever its called now and you won't have to pay until you earn over a certain amount. You may also qualify for Austudy.

Tahlia 9wks

Hello Cheekybub!
I am in a similar situation. I would really like to go back to Uni and study Nursing/Midwiffery next year but I am unsure on how to apply? Might sound silly but I just don't know.

My partner is supportive but I am also unsure of putting bubs in daycare. I would really like to go back full time and just get stuck into the study. I only have one bub and she is 6months, by the time I go back she will be about 14 months and I think that is ok?

My reasoning for wanting to do something else with my life is that my Mum had 3 children when she was young and then me when she was 42. So she spent the majority of her life raising kids and now has nothing to do! She is bored and lonely. I love her but I would hate to end up in that situation! I do understand the need to be doing something more.

We are renting at the moment also and with my partners wage being less than $40k a year we need the extra money from me at some stage if we want to buy a house. I spoke to him about this and he said that if I want to study, we will struggle through it. He will most likely get a better job (he is in IT so the possibilities are endless). The only thing that worries me is staying motivated, I have dropped out of a tafe course even before I had a child!

How do you go about applying?


You have to stand up for your dreams and do what makes your heart sing. You will find a way if its what you really want to do.

I started studying not long after I gave birth. I was studying from home, so it made it a bit easier. I'm now working from home so my studying paid off and I continue to study. My babies now almost 6 months and I'm managing fine- its my dream and so I was determined to find a way and you can too!

You have to do today what others don't to have tomorrow what others won't.

I am studying my tecahing degree. I started it and fell pregnant so i left that Uni and started UNE studying extrenally. Its hard t stay motivated especially when kids r at home cause when u get free time u dont wana study, but if u put ur mind to it u can do it. i have had 2 pregnancies and 2 babies while studying and I now have 3 kids and more work to go. i chose to do it part time so i dint over load myself but it works out that when number 3 is 3 or so he can go to preschool and I can start working.

Yup I'm studying law part time and working part time with my baby. Getting a good education reaps so many rewards and while it does cost money, every cent is worth it. I had a crap job before I started my law degree, even while I had just started it I found a good job in the public service which was easier to get because of my Uni study. It is tricky studying with kids but as long as you are well organised, you can do it and you will be setting such a great example for your kids by going to Uni and trying to make a better life for yourself.

Staying motivated can be hard but if you keep a positive outlook and always remember what you want to achieve out of Uni you'll be fine. There are so many options for Uni and they are really supportive of women with kids, many offer degrees externally and childcare for internal students or oportunities to study part time.
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