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returning to work after maternity leave and feeling good! Lock Rss

Hi guys, just want to say i've been back at work now for almost 2 months and im working parttime. Im enjoying it. I have 2 kids and it is crazy to get them up early and off to day care but it's worth it. Im feeling really good. I think it's a great balance. I love my kids and home and hubby but i was going crazy at home fulltime. Anyone feel the same? Im now getting back into my work suits, putting on makeup and fixing my hair nice and I feel really confident. Not like being at home in trackies pjs till 3pm every afternoon!!
AND GUESS WHAT? I also picked up some guy. He was good looking too... but of course i had to decline and tell him im happily married with to young children. But how cool is that, i still got it!!

Know how you feel!

I have three kids and going back to work returned my sanity. I start at 7am so for our family we have early starts as well, but to be honest I really think that I now thrive on it, the less time I have the more effecient I become.

There is nothing better as you said then actually getting dressed up out of the old PJ's even if it is just to go to work.

Good on you for getting back into your work suits, lmao about picking up a guy.

My busy house

hey thanks mum of 3! i just read your response after so long... sorry i don't get on here much. but when i do i like reading the forum and getting on here..

definately returned my sanity too! im still enjoying it too. its great.

i still see that guy too on the street.... so funny because we chat now...
It is so good to hear that you are still enjoying it. I actually find that I get more things done now then when I was a SAHM.

I do miss the kids every now. What parent doesn't? But I am a much better person for going to work and having a break. besides they learn more in preschool then I could show them.

My busy house

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