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Hi all I've got a 3 year old dd and a 4 and a half month old ds and am meant to be returning to work next year I really don't want to I am loving seeing my little ones growing and feel like I missed out with my first because I went bk to work when she was only 4 months old, my question is does anyone have any ideas on work I could do from home to make a decent living as I will need to work to help my husband with our bills as he's not long gone out on his own and hasn't got any guaranteed work for after feb next year?
What is your profession as an idea of what skills you have?

I'm a teacher so do some tutoring from home smile
I'm an assistant manager for car parts and am doing the paperwork currently for my husbands building business which I don't get paid for ????
Call Barnardo's Kidstart or Porse and talk to them about being a home educator.
Hi! Im a stay at home mum to my precious 4yr old Noah. Recently, I was shown a way where I can retire my partner from his job in the mines by the end of 2015! I love that I can stay home with my baby, help other people create a life of freedom and get paid for doing so. I love it!!
Thanks you mamamum am thinking that may be an option wow Carlyanbaby that's awesome can I ask what you are doing job wise working at home?
Of course! Im a professional network marketer. I connect with a wide range of different people who want to change their life, physically and financially just like I am. The company I am partnered with is isagenix and we have just been named ths #1 network marketing company in Australia!
Very cool smile what are the start up costs for the business I have heard quite a few people talking about isagenix
I started a blog because I love to sew! And have been doing markets on the side to sell the stuff I've made. Perhaps you have a similar skill you could use??

Check out my blog if you like smile

Sewing my way through pregnancy -

Hi Caseyb11,

I see you're in NZ so I'm not sure on your paid parental leave or maternity leave...

Our son was born in June of this year. I went on maternity leave a couple of days before he was born and was due to return back to work around October 2014. After a few conversations with my boss, I decided to take the full 12 months maternity leave (with the majority of it unpaid) My partner is working and I too would like to contribute towards our bills and savings for our new home.

I've started working some weekends at my place of employment. This helps with a little extra funds to save & allows me to keep in touch with work, along with feeling a sense of contribution towards my partners wage.

If you do not want to go back to work, don't. You can always work when the kids are both at school. You will not get their childhood back. If you can survive financially then maybe it will be best for your situation not to go back...

Could you possibly do a few hours a week at a local school canteen or shop? Does your partners hours allow him to be home at night? Maybe once all are settled, you could do a few hours in a night fill position at Woolies?

You can always start a little home business yourself if you are creative or business savvy and have the equipment at home to do so.

With the car parts position, would they be willing to offer you working from home (paper work etc) or maybe part time hours on the weekend?

Just some ideas...

What kind of building business does your Husband have if you don't mind me asking? Is he in the architect side, construction side etc?

If you do your husband'spaperwork then why don't you get a qual in being a bookkeeper? In Aus they can charge from $60 + an hour. An MYOB course is a couple of days long. Then create a business name and advertise your point of difference is you collect the paperwork and return it (if you don't want strangers coming to your home). If you have at least 3 clients that should keep you afloat.

I did exactly the same and stayed home for my kids by doing Dictationist work and was a mystery shopper where I took the kids also and have never looked back. Now my kids are at school so I work in the office but Work school hours and love it. Good luck.
I'm SAHM and working part time job. Yes it's hard to leave our lo. Try to find an online job.

Hey Pheb, I'm anne your follower and subscriber on your blog.. I'm glad you're here.


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