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If you want to shoot me an email to [email protected] we can have a chat and I can send you some info of you like!
Hey love. Due to circumstances, my partner is disabled, and I am his carer + mum to our beautiful bub. We were both corporate professionals, but due to our issues had to give that up.

We acquired a lot of debt, while we were working as we could afford it, but as soon as that changed, put us in a deep dark place. Hardship arrangements as far as the eye could see.

I work occasionally, but am frequently taking time off due to DH or little one, so bosses don't like that, even though I can work from home often.

Anyway, we were very lucky to get the opportunity to work with a former AFL footballer, who has given us the opportunity to be business partners with him in an international online business that specialises in health and beauty solutions. Would love to chat to you about it if you want? xo

This has helped us be able to work towards something which will enable us to stop the money stresses, and live our life as best we can...

Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do , it's all a mindset.
You should try listening to Louise Hay, love her!
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