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Is it worth going back to work?
I have two boys who currently attend daycare two days a week; we pay $130 a week for those two days for them both.
Our centre charges $85-$90 per day/per child.
Having the kids stay with grandparents through the week is not an option for us.
Hubby works 5 days a week and stays away from home, only returning for the weekends.
I want to do something to contribute and provide for our family; but I feel that returning to work would just mean me working to pay that Childcare fee. I would need to earn in excess of $600 a week to make any kind of profit once we take out tax and Childcare.
Most of my previous work experience has been in retail/customer service and tourism; all don't pay that great!

I'm extremely hesitant to throw myself into another 'home business' as I have seen many of my friends fall into the trap. I don't want to have to put money into a business that will go nowhere. I know you can make money with these home businesses but from my experience in Herbalife, and my friends experience with arbonne, nutremetics and the body shop; you have to work your ass off for a long time to be making a decent income.

Any suggestions or advice?!

Depends what you want to get out of work. If it's just improving the family financial situation immediately it may not be worth it.

However if you go back to work, even if you aren't having a net financial gain now, later down the track you will be. Eventually your kids will be at school and having you in the workplace then will be more profitable (if your kids are at public school) and a bit of work experience now will mean a better job then.

I also think there's benefits other than financial as you're showing your kids a good example by working and you get some time with other adults away from young kids.

I personally work part-time which is the best of both worlds and don't plan to return full time until my youngest (still to be born) is in school. We don't make much extra money having me working but I know that I've got my foot in the door, so to speak, when I want to go back full time.
With child care costing a lot, I'd recommend waiting until they are in school. With what you earn in a wk working retail would go straight to daycare.

I have a 9 month old and work 2 days retail although I'm still under full time work and can go back full time if I like. I'm lucky my job is very lenient with two days.
I also have two girls and I work 3 days a week. I get 34% back so a week I was paying $450 I now also get the 50% back from centrelink but I still pay about $250 per week. I work in optical retail and earn $28 an hour as a casual which works out that I take home about $150-200 per week if I'm lucky after daycare fees. It's not really worth me working especially if I only work 2 days a week instead of three because of sick kids or public holidaya public holidays. Some weeks I break even and don't even Make a profit

I work because I had three years at home as a stay at home mum and I just really needed to get out of the house. Having a job keeps me sain.

Next year my eldest starts prep so hopefully I can take home a bit more money because I will only be paying one lot of daycare fees.
Hi lovely ladies I am looking for other mummies interested in working from home. An interest in health and wellness is ideal. Choose your own hours and help other mummies build a part time or full time income working from the comfort of your own around your children. Full training given, minimal start up costs. This is your own business so you set the pace! Please email [email protected] for more info smile
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