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hi i'd just like to add that one of my tips for saving money is to buy in bulk,i buy nappies by the box,not in packets,and the same with wipes and washing powder,i find it much better.and we save alot too,which matters when your only living on one income.i work casually so need all the tips i can get,if anyone else has money saving ideas id like to read them thanks

starry,dd(tarni)2 years

we both work casually and when we both get heaps of hours we bank heaps for just in case.

and we also buy bin bulk and work out what is cheaper like per nappy etc. also basic things like sugar, flour etc is just in generic brand. when things like toilet rolls are on special we buy some, same as washing powder if its cheaper than buying bulk.

try to cook snacks instead of buying like muffins, biscuits etc.

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oh and another suggestion for xmas, birthday ideas i know with coles group gift cards there is a 2 year expriy date on them so when you do get extra cash and want to get chriisy pressies buy one with whatever amount you want on it between $5 and $500. so if you buy one now it will expire november 2009.

i was called ballo!

Buying bulk butcher meat and then packing into meal size portions also helps bring down costs over a few weeks.

Another tip I got from a friend is freeze your sausages in pairs that way you can figure out how amy pairs you need (might just want some for kids).

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

I love all these savings tips! I'm a self confessed cheapo.
I have a few ideas...

* Go and check out your salvos store! If your there at the right time, you can pick up great kids clothes, tupperware ect cheap as chips!

*When making stirfry, instead of using expensive stirfry noodles, use homebrand 2 minute noodles without the flavouring! Tastes great and so cheap.

* Instead of nappy sacks, use medium size homebrand freezer bags!

* This one saves the environment too! After you've soaked your kids clothes in nappy san, instead of tipping the water down the drain, bucket it into the washing machine with the clothes. It saves using more nappy san and saves alot of water!!

If anyone else thinks of any I'd love to hear them!
: )

Peta, mummy to Alexandra 22months : )

also with the cost of petrol these days, instead of doing little drives everywhere wait until you have a heap to do and plan your trip.

with any old things you dont use or whatever have a garge sale cos it will make you some money and gets rid of your trash. even better maybe have a whole street garage sale where everyone in your street has a sale of their trash all at once.

i was called ballo!

I have found with cleaning products and nappies depending on what brand you use, I go to Big W and buy all my cleaning products and baby nappies, wipes etc since everything is in bulk and large sizes, and you usually save a heap than your supermarkets.

Formula is also cheaper at Kmart and BigW than all the supermarkets and pharmacies. Can be cheaper by $4!
I buy wipes in a big box from BIG W u get like 6 packets of wipes with 80 wipes in each pack they are called little angel and they are only like $14.95 a box.
I have a huge container in my laundry. In it i put one massive thing of nappy san, one thing of expensive powder (bought on special)and one of cheaper powder. 1 scoop per wash. Clothes come out so clean and it lasts about a month or 2.

As someone else said Big W is great for cleaning/washing stuff! Main things I get are:
*napisan (the pink one) 3kg for around $18 - generally 2kg around $15 at supermarkets
*10kg Duo washing powder around $19 - heaps cheaper that around $5/kg at supermarkets
*24 slab of coke around $14 - seen 24 coke for $17+ or 30 coke for $22 at supermarket

When we have a little extra money I get extra non-perishables like toilet paper, paper towel, diswashing powder/detergent, formula so when we're really short we just have to do a top-up shop.

I also get about 3 x 3l milk and freeze it as well as extra bread. Then I don't have to bundle the kids up & go to the store.

I get my fruit & vegies at the markets each week. So much cheaper & fresher than supermarket.

Shop around for meat. Sometimes the small butchers are heaps cheaper. Our butcher has value packs & if there's something in the pack you don't eat they're happy to change it for something you like.
Buying in bulk is FANTASTIC

We always have!!! I would reccomend it to everyone, It may seem costly up front but in the long run saves you so much.

Whoever said buying in bulk from the butchers and freezing it in meal sized portions is SPOT ON.. We do this aswell.

If you have a cleaning warehouse go there to get cleaning supplies. We have a place where we live where you can buy proper cleaning products that hospitals and hotels use, We always shop there!

Pet shops sell bulk pet food, I find that fantastic aswell!

If i think of more will let you know
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