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hi guys, i need to get a credit card but because my credit was shot in the past im having a bit of trouble getting one. can anyone suggest any lenders that are easier to get one from?
thanks ladies
I didnt have the best credit rating either and needed a car loan and i went through GE Money they did a loan at 20% interest which sucked but i couldnt get a loan anywhere else after 1 year the interest has gone down. I havent tried for a credit card yet. Good Luck
thank you Jade-1stBub, ill try them. i wouldnt bother but im in a bit of mess at the moment and need to get out of it.
If your in a mess now, then that will be why they arent giving you one.
To sound blunt, they are doing you a favour! You dont want a credit card, you will only have the same problem with one of them.

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I agree with Spunky. One of the first things you should do if you are in a mess is cut up all your credit cards and get rid of them!!! Not get more - that just gets you in more of a mess.
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