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Hi all
I was wondering does anyone know when we get our 50% childcare money back. I was told its getting refunded every 13 weeks(so 4 times a year) instead of at tax time.
Well I think it should be about time.
Does centrelink get in touch with us or do we need to do the chasing.


They direct deposited it into my bank account today. I didn't need to do anything.

I recieved mine yesterday.
Im still waiting
Still waiting for mine as well, but I heard it depends on how fast your daycare centre sends off your payment info to centrelink...and you don't need to contact them, it will just be deposited into your bank account!

I was told that mine was in "processing" stage and could be another 3 weeks!!

now that explains what the extra money was in my account

Aimee, 4 year old princess

i got my first quarter one ages ago like mid-october and the second one well, just have wait until next mth

i was called ballo!

Is the next quarter starting from 20th Jan??

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