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This is a real long shot but does anyone know where you can get finance for a car (up to $8000) when you are on single parenting payment??? I also have section 9 debt agreement, which makes it double hard!
I know a lot of people might say catch a bus etc, but where I live the closest transport and shop is 6 kilometres away the only way there is through a creek etc no road the only ones are very busy main raods with no walking paths, even the boys go the school about 7 kilometres away!
I ended up on my own in the past year, only house i could get to rent was $100 pw more than before and on the outskirts of the area. Now the motor on my 4wd blew up on the way to school on Wednesday (just spent a fortune on next tyres at xmas) a motor alone is $4000 minimum and it is not worth it the paint is faded etc and its now 16yrs old.
i also dont have family or friends to help so my only option with 5 kids and in the middle of no where is to buy a car. ( i also dont want a $1000 bomb that will be more trouble,)
Sorry bout going on just hoping there is a slim chance that there is somewhere.


There are places who will give finance to people who have entered into a debt agreements etc, BUT, they will take advantage of your history of not being able to pay and the fact that most banks will not lend you money at the moment. They wil charge you so much interest that you will end up paying top dollar for a pretty crappy car. I would highly recommend that you do not go down that road.

Are you able to use the money you will get from the "stimulus" payments to buy a decent car? You can get something pretty decent for a few thousand dollars.

Otherwise, i would really recommend waiting until your debt agreement has been completed and perhaps go to the banks then.

Sorry, not much help, but it can become a vicious cycle sometimes.

I have thought about using that money but iam only getting for 2.5 kids ( my eldest is 50/50 between here and her dads now because he lives right near her school) my two youngest are 3 and 7 mths, and I do need to use a bit for a school uniforms as they have outgrown theres, so i worked out what I would have after that wouldnt get me a cheap car plus rwc etc.
I still have just over 2 yrs on the debt agreement cant keep them home from school that long! plus as my 8yo is currently going to a psycholigst due to severe learning probs I need to be able to get there, walking anywhere isnt a option, and is 6 kms away.
i would tell the father of the kids to help you out a bit.. maybe help get your old car fixed, or help find an alternative car. Or drop the kids off to school for you. they are his kids too that are suffering and any decent father would want them to get to school etc. it shouldnt be all your responsibility.

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Its a minimum of $4000 to get mine going again and yes my ex helps a little by picking them up when possible but as he starts at 3am he cant take them to school. He has no money himself to help me and owes a month and a half of child support.
I brought a used car with my baby bonus money. Paid $3200 for it and have never had any problems with it. I think $8000 is a huge amount to have to pay especially on PPS...I would avoid getting a loan for that much. As a PP has said you can get a good car for under $3000.

Is moving closer to school and transport an option?

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I still have a lease where Iam for a few months, i have thought of moving closer to school, but there is very little available, most are right out like where Iam now. Same prob, thought moving isnt cheap and how do I get to all the open for inspections? This is all I could get after over 30 applications in 3 months (prev house was being demolished).

I have been looking at cheaper cars and havent seen much at all, most still need rwc etc, which all add up, what i have been looking at is a car about 10 years old, anything to old from past experience is just a big money pit, and always trouble. With 2 car seats and 2 older kids in car it cant be a little car either. My car has cost close to $2000 in the past 7 months alone, and I want something that will last a few years at least.
Plus without a car, and no public transport, how do I get to run around and look at cars? At least if I bought from a dealer it would be easier than trying to get to a whole lot of private sales as thats the only way to get cheaper cars.
Feel like Iam hitting my head up against a wall, every way i look there is no answer, feel like Iam stuck here with no end to it, I dont have friends or family to take me anywhere, cant walk anywhere to catch transport, cant even get my kids from school.
You said it wuld cost $4000 to get it fixed? Is there anyway you could get it fixed and ask the people that fix it if you could enter a payment arrangement and pay the work off over a period of time. I understand it would be cheaper if you got a new car but it sounds like you wil have a bit of a challange due to your debt agreement. As long as you explain the situation and then stick to the payment I cant see why it would be an issue. Just an idea.....

I would if I could, i tried to see if anyone would do that last year when I was 7 months pregnant and it was a $600 repair no one would do it, this time it is a whole motor I need, and knowing mechanics they will find other stuff to lol.
Its a 16 yo Pajero that is a real petrol guzzler, the paint is all faded of (thanks to previosly living right near the beach) only thing good is it has 4 new tyres.
Even without mentioning the debt agreement at first no one is interested in lending money when you dont work.
Silly thing is that being on c/l payments is probably more secure than a lot of jobs lol.
do a search on the internet! there are probably more places then you think. You wont be able to get a loan through a bank but someone else should be able to help you. THe only prob is you will be paying it off forever with the interest rates they will hit you with.

Make sure you find a place that will be able to use the car as security and things like that, else just aim for getting the money to get your car fixed. I know its prob nicer to get a newer car but sometimes it might not be the best thing, end of the day if they wont lend you the money it might be coz it will put you in a pretty bad financial situation. Just try using the transport services in your area - It might be frustrating but I would think it would be easier to manage then a high interst debt on your shoulders??

Goodluck, I hope you are able to work something out.
meanwhile you could speak to the kids school and tell them waht is happening. they will then be able to help you get the kids to school as they will want them to attend. maybe another parent in the area could car pool them or a community bus etc.. at least you will get the kids to school and that is one least thing to worry about.

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After searching the internet none stop all I could get was Motor finance wizard, but there are alot of horror stories bout them, though I know of 2 people who cant speak highly enough of them. I know I can get most things like groceries delivered (did that when I came out of hospital).

Got a week to figure it out, the ex is getting sick of picking kids up, have spoke to the school, the only families round here have full cars or are the families that have caused my kids so much probs next time I will be getting the police (whole diff story but they are a nightmare).

Another option is get a double pram as my 3 yo cant walk the 6 kilometres to the shops and transport, and walk the hour or so each way through a creek etc, as there are no roads going straight there.
Still doesnt help with school runs though, thats another 2 kms fromt he shops. my 8 yo forgot his lunch today and I couldnt take it to him. Then when my lease is up try and get something closer, but that sounds easier than you think!
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