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What things do you buy in bulk or only while on special? Lately I have become obsessed with saving money on groceries.
I always buy washing powder in massive boxes from Big W, diswasher tabs in bulk and huge bags of dog food. Things I only buy when on special are: shampoo and conditioner (I am sure my teenaged girls pour it straight down the drain, they couldn't possibly use it on thier hair in the amounts they go through!), toilet paper and tissues, sanitary napkins (again two teenaged girls) and soft drink in cans and of course nappies.

I am bit worried that I should get a hobby other than checking out the junk mail to see what I can get on sale! My DP thinks I have gone mad too.

You are not alone! My favourite website is it has most of the catalogues on there!
I am very similar to you, I do a monthly trip to Big W and get heaps of stuff in bulk, toilet paper is another good one!
I also wait for things like cereals, spreads, frozen veg to come on special.
I am convinced that is the long term, you do save a substantial amount of money! My Grandmother has done it for years! lol

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

We seriously go through a lot of products. I buy $100 of shampoo every time it is on special. My local shop has a thing at the bottom of the docket which says how much money you have saved on thier specials. i always check it. My DP thinks its hilarious that I care so much. I figure the less we spend the longer I can work part time.

It does all add up in the long run! Some items you can save like half the price you would normally have to pay!
Have you spoken to your daughters about the shampoo? That would really get to me lol! I guess I have all that to look forward to haha

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Have you heard of Nappy land, Nappy World and Nappy's n more. I'm not sure where you are. They all have websites where you can look at there location if its near you.
You can buy things like nappy's, wipes, pads, washing powder and cleaning products. Its all in bulk.

I have 2 boys in nappy's i use factory seconds during the day which is $26 for 80 that fit my toddler and $26 for 120 for newborn, then at night i use Huggies which i buy in bulk 128 for $70. (when Woolworth doesn't have them on special)

I will check them out. I usually use nappies online, but their prices are not as good as the prices on special at woolworths. I also go to Toys R Us a lot, but find that often the don't have any stock in their advertised specials, which is annoying when you have made a special trip. We are about to start on a budget where we put money away for all bills each fortnight, so these things are on my mind more and more.

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