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Food bill Rss

I need to compare our food bill with some othe people (its doing my head in) How much for the month do you spend on food? Not take away! Ours was $1200 last mnth (4 Dh dd 10mths and me) We eat alot of salads and vegies, I make everything from scratch I get some no name brands, We don't have soft drink I use soda water and cordial. I don't think we have any expenice food.

What do you spend?
probably about $300 a month.
its amazing how things add up.
that's for dp, ds 16 month and me.
my son eats a huge amount of fruit we usually spend about $80 a month on fruit and veg, it would be more but we get a discount as dp works at a fruit and veg shop.
Between $520 and $600 per month for Myself, DH and our 3 hungry kids. (4yr 2yr 1yr old)

I do my shopping weekly;
I spend an huge $22 a week on milk alone lol 21Litres (3ltrs a day)
I buy alot of fruit and veg.. Vegies; only what I need for meals including salads and $10 of fruit for the kids snacks a week. I also spend $10 on Softdrink (DH drinks lots of it)
I make all my meals from scratch also.. Lasagna's, Pies, Pasta bakes etc so most of what ill buy is the pasta (no-name except the lasagne sheets), vegies and meat(butcher)
My shopping feeds us really well for such a small amount.. My trick is to read the specials.. I shop at woolies AND coles to take advantage of them. It saves a surprising amount..

$200 per week is our shopping budget. That includes food for 6 meals for the week (already planned before the shop), and lunches for 2 working parents, snacks, fruit etc, nappies, detergents, everything.

It is DH, me and ds 16 months.
wow $1200 a month is a lot fir just 3!
we spend about $450 a month for me, hubby, DS 5, DD 10months this includes nappies wipes and cleaning products. we eat healthy meals made from scratch most nights. i also buy a few snacky things such as nuggets and springrolls etc for weekend lunches. Hubby takes leftovers to work and a small box of cereal everyday. (he leaves to early to have brekkie at home)i also only buy "fun " foods for the kids such as biscuits and icecream - and of course chips etc for my DS school lunch. it keeps our budget down and me and hubby healthier! try cutting out non essentials.

Giovanni 5 yrs - Giselle 2 - Gabriel 5 months..

our budget is $200 per week, we hardly get takeaway, but that cost includes nappies , cleaning products etc. theres me, dh and one 13 mth old
For dh, me and 23 month old, ours is $100-$150 a fortnight, or $200 if we have spare money in a fortnight. So max is $400 a month.

approx $100 is spent at fruit and veg market (includes olive oil, pasta, butter, yogurt etc)

approx $20 at supermarket (sponges, sugar, tea etc)

approx $2o on milk from dairy

leftover money is meat from butcher. (unless looking to specifically make a meat meal)

We also grow a lot of our own fruit and veg. We cook from scratch and don't buy preprocessed foods.
Thank you so much for all of your comments, you have all motivated me to change our eating plan. Its amazing how much you spend when you write every cent down! Dh has been doing it for years but we have only just really started to talk about it. He used to do the shopping alone (much better with out me I'm now thinking) but since we had dd I now go with him. I would love to buy another house or at least go on holiday so I'm gonna have to start being a better spender/saver.
we spend $200 pw dh, me, 2 toddlers and baby, thats 18lts of milk we use, baby milk $25, fruit and veg, drinks, snacks and few meals with meat or chicken. some weeks we need more then other weeks, but our budget is $200.

i thought that was alot to spend, but there are a few mums out there that spend that much.

izacc,ethan and mya

We spend $500 - $600 a month including all cleaning supplies and nappies. There is DF, myself and our 2 year old DD. If we want to we can spend less and we do have the occasional takeaway meal but this seems reasonable to me.

Edit: and a very hungry growing cat!
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My hubby works interstate for two weeks then comes home for one so we have two seperate shoppingg bills.. he spends roughly 70pw as do i, then dd 6monthd is roughly 70pw also sometimes a little more or less depending on whether she needs nappies or not as i buy the bulk boxes.. so roughly 200pw...
We spend $200 per week but I try to keep it down to $160 if I can and thats everything for me ,DP and four kids. I bake all our goodies as I have one with allergies

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