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Better off on centrelink than working full time Lock Rss

Well I am writing this so people can see the reality of full time work when you take into account childcare fees etc..

I have always work fulltime throughout my pregnancy up until one month before due date, and then returned to fulltime work once each of my 2 children were 6 months old. I had no choice, financially, but I did have family like my parents and sibling for childcare options and only had my kids in part time child care. But once I moved away from family and this yr my eldest started school, I had to pay for 8 days a fortnight family day care for my son and before and after school care for my daughter.

My husband studies fulltime, but wasn't entitled to any benefits as my income was approx $50,000pa, and he has a part time income of approx $20,000pa. With my childcare percentage etc I had to pay over $400 a fortnight in total fees.

The daily life was stressfull as the kids were in care as soon as it opened at 6.30am and my hubby had to commute to uni, where he was almost always late which is unacceptable in a medicine degree. I picked the kids up at 3.30pm when I finished work and they were absolutely exhausted.
The stress on my hubby, and on myself for the guilt of leaving then in care so often mounted up and caused so many relationship issues over the last couple months these changes began, and it got too much.
Naturally I rang centrelink as I thought there would have to be other entitlements (apart from rebate as you don't see it until end of quarter),and was told I was better off working part time. So I did all the calculations, working fulltime I benefited $95 fortnight (WOW, and all that stress), part time I benefited around $40 as I still had to pay childcare on that day.

So in the long run, for me it is better to stay at home as hubby is now entitled to study allowance and me the parenting payment, and to actual raise my own kids instead of working all the time. Which I am happy to do, my job wasn't great, just paid ok, and now I have more time to focus on my children and my own uni which I do via distance.

And more time in general.. Anyways that's my story, any thoughts?
i amlooking at going back to work, i would have to use chidcare as i have no one to look after the kids im looing for a 4day a week job as if i have to far 5 days cc a week for 2 kids i have to pay full rate for the 5thday which makes a huge difference to the total cost but if our calculations are correct we should still come out about $100 a week infront, doesnt seem like much for me to work fulltime for $100 a week, but we need that $100 so im job hunting. sad

the thing i hate most about centerlink is that if dp works vertime it just ends up being taken off us at the end of the yr sad i think confirm the base salary with the employer and then if someone takes the initiative to work extra hard and do overtime that they should be able tokeep that extra money.

I hear you there!!

I worked out that I would make about $50 per week going back to work with the kids in daycare, but I needed to work, so now I am doing Family Daycare myself, I can work and still stay home with the kids, perfect situation for me! smile

I am seriously considering this for work also! I pay at a minimum $226 per week for day care and and pre school fees, DS 2 goes to an unregistered carer and I cant claim a cent of it but thankfully I can claim the 50% with DS1 pre school fees.

I get paid casually (but work the same days/hours everyweek), and although the rate is ok, If I miss work then I dont get paid, and I dont get paid over christmas either. Our income is too unpredictable to be able to claim fortnighly assistance, and although we do get a bit back at the end of the year, we strugle week to week. It sucks!

Im not really in the position to change work just yet either as we are living with family at the moment while we build!

I hear you!!! I want to go back to work but I am realizing how unrealistic it is... I've worked out with both my kids in daycare on the days i need them to be I will be paying $450 a WEEK!!!! now what is the point in that?
I do need to work financially but looking at the cost of daycare I dont really see the point?! And to top it off there is no room in ANY of the day care centers in my area... How are we supposed to return to work like they want us too when its just not affordable!
yep, i was the same. I went back to work when DS was 12 months old. i was earning $60 a day and daycare was $50, sp take that off and the tax, it wasnt worth me even working! so i quit and have enjoyed being a SAHM for the last 4 years. i also studied and am now currently a relief teachers aide with the possibility of going fulltime. something that i love doing but dont think i would of done it if i was still working at my old job.

If i had two kids we wouldn't be able to afford for me to crazy is that!!!

I paid for 1 child for 1 week $374!!! thats like the same price as renting a house....bloody stupid!!!

If we had a another child that would be over $700 a week in care...who can afford that and be better off????

I am very much looking forward to DD going to school! the school we are looking at is $70 a week....we wont know what to do with ourselves with the additional money we will have haha

The main thing preventing women from going back to work after having children, or advancing into leadership positions and remaining there is the barrier in relation to affordability and availability of in home childcare. This common issue sometimes forces talented women out of the workforce for up to 18 years. Once they have raised their families and attempt to get back into the Corporate world, they struggle with the changes in technology and the changes made in their workplace. DIAL-AN-ANGEL has formed an Alliance called We are getting men and women to sign a petition to lobby the Government to make child care tax deductible. If childcare in centres can receive the 50% rebate, why can't in home care be tax deductible? How about all those shift workers and people who need help with their kids before and after school and during vacations or when the kids get sick and can't attend centres or schools! Until the Government fixes this issue, women will always have difficulties returning to work after having a baby or advancing into leadership / board positions and staying there! Making child care tax deductible is a start!
OH yeah - I hear you on this one.
I often wonder weather it is actually worth both DH & I slugging our guts out at our jobs. It costs us $300 per week for 4 days care. We decided tho, that for all of our sanities, we both need to work.

I cant wait until she goes to 'big' school next year - we will be rich rich rich!! LOL hmmmm what i am gunna do with that $300x52=$15 600

$15 600.... holy crappola!!

OH yeah - I hear you on this one.
I often wonder weather it is actually worth both DH & I slugging our guts out at our jobs. It costs us $300 per week for 4 days care. We decided tho, that for all of our sanities, we both need to work.

I cant wait until she goes to 'big' school next year - we will be rich rich rich!! LOL hmmmm what i am gunna do with that $300x52=$15 600

$15 600.... holy crappola!!
"I urge anyone looking for affordable & reliable childcare options to sign the petition at and to get all your friends to sign it too!"
Thanks for the makecarefair link. Wow Ive recently been looking at getting in home care and found out you couldnt get the rebate. I had a great situation with a qualified early child hood carer. She had her own child and was going to come to my home to look after my baby with her own. Due to the fact I couldnt get the rebate we had to abandon the idea.

The main issue I have with child care is that I cant book my daughter in for just the school terms. I dont need child care in the school holidays because I have other children and so work only an hour or so a day in the holidays. I dont want to put my baby in child care because you have to book them in 52 weeks a year. I want all the children to be able to enjoy the school holidays together.

With in home care I could have negotiated school term care and provided someone with a job. Now Im having to work longer hours and spend less time with my older kids and husband so that I can keep the baby home with me instead.
Ok, I'm going to put a different view on this subject. I work part time, when I had one child I worked 2 days during the week and 1 day on the weekend. Childcare worked out after all the rebates to be about $19 a day. Thats only about an hours work! With 2 kids its harder, both finding the time to work, and also paying nearly $40 a day, but I still come out on top, and I enjoy my time to myself at work (I only work 1 day a week now and 1 fortnightly saturday). I also use the Kinder program at daycare, so I don't have to do the Kinder juggle as so many people do with the half day session kinders. Also, in my area I am really lucky that there are too many daycare centres, so I can pick any centre I like, pick what days I want, and because of so much competition they are really flexible with changing days (like booking in a different day when a public holiday falls) etc.

I know I'm lucky, but just to let everyone know that Daycare works well for some of us smile

Oh, and I still get some family assistance payments, just a little throughout the year because we underestimate our income (to allow for overtime and miscalculations etc), then a payment at taxtime.
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