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To those of you who pay a certain amount off your electricity, phone, water bill etc each week or do you go about setting that up. I have heard so many people say that they make those regular payments and think its a great idea but have no idea how to go about it. thanks smile
Well I am with tru energy and when my FIL told me about making payments and paying off the bills a certain amount each time all I did was ring them and I asked about getting payment cards to pay my bills off ( I didn't know what it was called lol ) luckily they knew and they sent me out a card for both gas and electricity and all you have to do is go into the post office whenever you want and put what ever amount of money you want to put on it grin
If you ring the company that your with, i think most have payment plans and AGL ( In SA) work it off a % of ur old bills and work out what you would pay each week or fortnight etc (does that make sense) so then you wont end up with a big bill if any. smile
How do you normally pay your bills??? Net Banking? Post Office??

I am one of those people who pay something off their bills weekly, I pay:
Credit Card, Personal Loan, Elec, Rates, Water & Mortgage every week the day after pay day.
It is ALL set up to automaticly go out from my net banking - I didnt call the companies and set up a direct debt as it means if I need to, for whatever reason eg: money is tight, lost job etc, i dont have to call them and cancel it and EXPLAIN to them why, I just go on net banking and do it myself, that means even though I have missed a week or whatever, i dont have to justify it to anyone because its not due for payment I was paying ahead of time.

(not that i have had to do it but i thought it through before i set everything up, far easier for me to cancel the payment then call every company and do it through them which could mean, signing paper work and waiting a week for it to proceess etc)

Most bills: Rates, Water, Elec (even personal loans with GE/HSBC ETC and your credit card) etc when you receive the bill have the option to pay via BPAY which you can set up on your net banking, that means you can set up a weekly transfer of whatever you want for the bills you would like to pay.

This is how I have all my bills set up, I made a rough guesstimate of what I thought would get a 3rd of my bill paid off by the time it was due for payment and started with that. EG: Water = $25 p/w. Rates: $35p/w. Elec $25p/w. My mortgage I pay extra into each week, so above what we are required to to meet the monthly charges, this means we are approx $3,000 ahead per financial yr which means we cut the life of our loan down and pay less interest sooner, i dont pay heaps extra, just $25 p/w but it does make a difference.

Hope this helps, I consider this to be the safest and easiest option as YOU are in control of your payments not the company!!! It also means that after you've paid all your bills, what is left over is clearly stated!! Makes budget plannnig SO much easier when you know you've paid of the bills you needed to so every month/quarter you arent shocked with a bill you havent budgeted of smile

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

i pay ALL my bills weekly too! I find it much easier to deal with if i get an unexpectedly huge bill - say for electricity - i dont have to come up with as much money within the time frame.

I have direct debit set up with my bank - which i did myself with the companies b-pay numbers. All my bills are paid on the same night that my salary goes in - so there is NO confusion or possible overspending.
i go through internet banking and bpay it say $20-50 weekly it all depends on what we get in. and what else needs to be paid. Then i write down what we are ahead on the next bill so i can double check.
Hi there, I'm Marian, I work at Centrelink.

If you're receiving a payment from Centrelink or the Family Assistance Office, we have a service called Centrepay. It's a free service where you can have amounts from your Centrelink payment go directly to the organisation who bills you.

There's more info about it on the Centrelink website here;

Also, if you're registered for online services you can set up Centrepay deductions online rather than calling us.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for all the info. I do my banking online and that sounds like to best way for me to set it up at the moment! Will sit down tonight and look into it all smile
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