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Our friends recently told us they do their supermarket shopping online as they reckon they don't spend as much not impulse buying. Wondering does anyone else do it? Do you find it cheaper? We always buy at woolworths as I work for a WW company and have my 5% card which adds up. I know there are delivery fees but not taking the car would save on fuel and so on.

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I did for a while it was definitely cheaper and so much easier than dragging myself around the shops all day! Shipping was $10.95 which I would have wasted on lunch if I went to the shops. I would suggest ordering it when the kids got to bed as you need to concentrate but even if you forget something you have until midday or midnight the day before your order (depending if you order for morning or afternoon delivery) to make any changes smile
If we're having a week that we have to stick to a strick budget ie $150 then i will online shop. i find i get more for my money and dont buy as much crap.
we get a choice over delivery cost and time, the shorter time frame is $13, middle is $9 and the long time frame is $ thats good!

downside, sometimes i forget stuff as i'm not going each isle and other times, they have run out of stuff, so i dont get what i ordered sad

it is going to be a god send when we have our new bub in a few weeks!!!

Yup we started when our baby was born and havent looked back, great for a budget and we get it delivered in the evening so one of us can be dealing with bub while the other handles putting it all away and checking off the list smile
I've been shopping online with woolies for about 12 months now and love it! Definitely spend less as you don't impulse buy and now if you spend $250 which I always do for a fortnightly shop, you get free delivery. So much easier as I you can never get a trolley with the kiddy seats.

Earlier this year I had a seizure and lost my licence for medical reasons for 3 months, I had just moved to a new area and didn't know many people that could help with lifts to shops, I didn't know bus routes or best places to shop so I checked out Coles online...I found it to be such a relief shopping from home, no stress about queues and car parking...I think delivery fee was around $8 - $12 depending on the time slots you chose.

I am 15 days off having my baby and I will be definitely online food shopping again as I have small hatch and no way do i want to be dragging a newborn out shopping in the summer heat..

I only ever once had an issue with some bread rolls being stale and called the help line and they credited me for the next time I shopped. The best part of the experience I found was that they load your groceries from their truck and bring it into your kitchen and unload it all for you!

Saves you having to go from car to shop/browsing isles/waiting in queues/ unload at checkout/reload at checkout/unload into car/unload into house/unpack in kitchen!

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