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How much do you survive on weekly? Lock Rss

Sorry if it's a nosey question, Don't answer if it's uncomfortable for you smile But i'm just wondering how much peoples budgets are that get them through the week.
At the moment we have 2 incomes and WFF which will get us roughly $800-850 and that is what we survive on. smile

We live on around $900ish a week. Thats with hubby working full time and my 2 days.
Dont have much left over for extras but definitly not starving smile

Im interested to see what everyones makes do with.
Atm I'm a single stay at home mum with 3 kids living with me one week I have $300 the next 390 that's with my rent being paid but no bills. I'm very lucky I have cheap rent..
Atm I am still receiving money from the government (paid parental leave) and that goes straight into savings for our renos but we do touch it every now and again. Hubby clears close to 1000 a week without overtime. We pay about 600 a week into our bills account that covers everything, except petrol 40-50 a week, food 150-200 and my gym 22 a week. So left with stuff all lol if we have to go out for tea we have too save. Hubby's phone contract runs out this month and we will be cancelling it and look at paying our home insurance up front instead of monthly. Might help out a bit.

I live on 700-800 a week!

DS1 (Niamh) and DS2 (Isobel)
Bottle fed Snice 5 days old (stopped breastfeeding at 5 days)
Breastfed until 3 months old.

My Fiance gets $780 a week for 5 days

Weekly things on my partners wage
Rent $510 (normally $410 but we got a little behind)
Electricity $90
Food $100-$150

Left with $30-80 for petrol and smokes (as yes we smoke)

My two days working a week is $150 (which goes staright onto our car)

I get $260 a fortnight from centrelink
Gas $50
Left with $210 Either rego as we only do 3 months at a time or our water bill which comes from our landlord or our internet $65 a month.
Both DH & I work full time. He pulls in approx between $900-$1100 per week. I get approx $750 per week and we are given $80 from Centrelink fortnightly. So one week we have approx $1850 and others we have $1930.00
We have a mortgage which is 550 p/w
We have rates, elec, water, insurance (home & also health), child care(1 child), over school care fees (1 child), swimming (2 kids), ballet (1 kid), MX riding (1 kid), We also have GE loan for furniture etc
We spend approx $200 a week on food (not including nights we have take out etc)
We both have company cars however we do own another ute for MX riding purposes.
We put money into savings but also have credit card debt which I guess counter acts any savings we make lol
We live comfortably - without too much money stress however we are regularly renovating our house which causes some re jigging of costs to get us over the line to afford those changes.

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

I am the Minister of Finance and Domestic affairs in my house.
I can't stick to a budget and saving is a swear word, so we have an un-budget. We have 10 accounts and I put money into each of those accounts every fortnight (when we get paid). Our accounts are for bills, rates, baby stuff, provision for medical expenses, provision for car expenses, a personal account for DH and for me, a savings account (which is empty all the time) and then a general account which we pay for food, mortgage, entertainment and other stuff. I find that works better than trying to save or budget how much a loaf of bread costs. If I see there's still money in the general account, I'll spend it.
Both DH and I work, and I'm still not sure how we're going to manage for 22 weeks without the $1000 a week I usually bring in. Oh well, we'll just see what happens smile

Thanks for all the replies ladies. I'm liking the idea of the separate bank accounts, Might look into it for DP and myself. smile

We get about 450 a week (there has been very little work for Dh over the last 6 months as he's a surveyor's offsider)

there is very little left over as you can imagine
- $100-150 food
- $200 rent
- $120 for the monthly bills

so only very little left over.
We will be getting more, once i figure out about my uni studies (might have to move so its pointless Dh finds another job for 4 months) we live in the country so there are little farm jobs around but its not constant.

My DH is currently out of work so we live off my 260-350 a week plus 600 a fortnight from centrelink. So it works out to about 500-700 a week =S
(i Finish work in 2 weeks for maternity leave)
Rent 370
Groceries 200
Petrol 100
and haven't been able to spend any extra unless we dip into savings =S... Dam tough times!
I also organised our accounts into a few different accounts we have a total one for bills and i just go through all the bills for the year and work out how much a week we should be putting aside. Haven't been able to do it lately due to being a lil tight on cash =S

Supermummy wrote:
Do you girls with lots of different accounts not have to pay a fortune in bank account fees?!

DH and I have our own accounts that our pay goes into and we leave a bit of money in there for our own spending (our eftpos cards attached to those accounts) then all the rest goes on the joint credit card or into the joint account. We pay everything we can on credit card for the points. Other bills get paid manually from our joint account, and if either of us are short in our own accounts we move some out of joint. That's it, other than our mortgage with a different bank and DHs pay (monthly) we move straight to that.

I think we only pay $5 a month all the accounts that I have are sub accounts. So they don't attract extra fees and earn good interest aswell. Dh and I use to have our own accounts but got too hard so we made 2 different sub accounts for us with money we can use for ourself. Which works well smile

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