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Mitsibishi Lancer - who has one? Lock Rss

This is one of our choices for 2nd car, probably a 2010/11/12 model. Any good and bad points? Do they have anchor points for car restraints in both sedans and hatches?
My dh has an old model of the lancer (his early midlife crisis car with all the sporty gizmos and gadets) Dont know much about the newer models but seriously his is 12 years old has 300 thousand kms on the clock andit has never missed a beat. Has never had to have anything other than regular servicing stuff and new tyres. I cant believe it still is in such great condition. They are definitely built to last smile

We have a lancer 2010 sx sportsback(hatchback).... love love love it! It has three inbuilt anchor points on the back of seats, we think it's boot space is quite large for size of the car and its awesome on fuel!
I have a 97 Lancer, biggest issue 2 doors suck
other than that it's great no major issues just a new exhaust system needed.

Hi. I had terrible mechanical problems with my Lancer. It was automatic and it would stall all the time at lights / when I would slow down or stop. My mechanic said it was a common problem with that car. In saying that I know people that have had that car and no problems. I recommend you get it checked out before you buy : )
Thanks for the replies ladies. Basically it's a toss up between Lancer and Ford Focus at the moment. Both are around the same price for a 1-2 year old model so will just depend which one we find that we can get the best deal on.
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