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Hi all, I'm really confused about payments after bub is due. My partner earns approx 60000 and I work casual approx 2 shifts a week sometimes I work 5 days a week depends on how busy we are.
Anyway I'm confused as to what payments me and my partner will receive. Can anybody help? The website dhs is so confusing.

If you have worked 10 of the last 13 months before bub is born and a minimum of 330hrs all up then you will qualify for the government 18w paid parental leave.
Your partner earning that amount I don't think will be eligible for anything.
You may also be eligible for family tax benefit. Part a is based on a combined income from both yourself and partner and part b I think is just based on your personal income.

For me, I worked permanent part-time, 21hrs a week prior to dd3 being born. I am currently getting my paid parental leave of 18w. With dh and my earnings I am only eligible for family tax part a and only a percentage of it, not the full amount. I don't get family tax part a at all.

Hopefully this helps a little smile
Hi Stacey, I totally agree, it is a confusing system and website! I actually work for DHS, but I am not trained in family payments unfortunately. I do know that the best thing you can do is "test" your eligibility by lodging an online claim through the DHS website. If you are within 12 weeks of giving birth, you can do this now before bub is born. I did mine the other day... And I'm due early Sept.
Within the DHS website, search for the online calculators and you may find these a bit more helpful on what you may be eligible for.
Call the Family assistance line 136150 (they are open 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday) and speak to someone about your individual circumstances as to what you may be eligible for specifically. Also, make sure you ask them for your customer reference number and online password to lodge your claim. For your online claim, you will need your bank acct details for payment, TFN for your partner, passport # for yourself and partner if you have travelled overseas recently (for portability reasons to ensure they consider you an Australian resident) and current and previous financial year details of your income and your partners income.
If you have the information ready before you do the online claim, it should take 30mins max to submit the claim online. I recommend you have the info ready so it doesn't time out on you etc.
Then all you need to do is take the form they give you in hospital into a Medicare or Centrelink office after bub is born which is proof of birth.

Expect to wait on hold for a fair bit when you call the FAO number 136150... I'd try later in the week and either at 8am first thing or between 6-8pm when they are usually not as busy. Good luck!!!

Last thoughts....Some useful questions to ask the FAO.
- how long do claims take to process? Is there a number I can call to check the progress?
- what do the different payment options of FTB mean (base rate, lump sum etc)
- what happens if I choose to return to work before PPL is finished being paid to me?
- do I have to pay tax on PPL?
- what happens if our income estimate for FTB is incorrect?

very confusing! What i know ( think i know) partner income is not included only your own has to be less than 150,000. So you would get the 18 weeks paid maternity
Just see if you works enough hours at work to qualify for paid parental leave.. If not you can apply for family tax benefit which is different for everyone. I have to apply for that now. It is very confusing and you need to fill out like a forty pages on the government website for the paid parental leave. You can always fill that out to see if you can get it. Second try the family tax benefit. Third thing to fill out is the dad parental leave. If he doesn't work for two weeks he can get money for two weeks . My partner works for himself (self employed) and still got it which was 1100 .. It helped! I hope this helps you maybe ask your work if they know how it works and to help you. I was lucky enough to get some support from my work.
This a very difficult question as there is always unfair in life. I think you can talk with your partner with that if your work is essential to your business.
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