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Crazy daycare costs... What do others pay? Rss

Just looking at enrolling our 2nd child in daycare. To have a 1 year old & 3 year old in daycare is about $450. I know other places even more than this. What is everyone else paying?
DD's daycare is $220 for 5 days without the 20 hour subsidy. To have a 3 year old and 1 year old full time (well 5 days) would be $390 I think.
They provide meals but not nappies and it is a 2 day minimum regardless of hours.

My kids don't go there anymore but for a 1 & 3 yr old at their old preschool was $370. We had to provide nappies and lunch but not morning or afternoon tea.
wondering if maybe you could look at nanny share or an au pair.
We get a subsidy for our daycare without it we would pay $110 for two full days, Otherwise we pay $46 per week. This is including meals and nappies smile

I pay 82 per dayer child I pay half due to the childcare rebate..
I pay 82 per dayer child I pay half due to the childcare rebate..
$200 per week inc nappies and snacks, I only provide lunch. We are not entitled to any subsidies

we have my DD at a home based day-care and its $5 a hour and very flexible wink hope this helps
Alleyavrin wrote:
What do you mean DD. Kindly explain me. What is the role of it in baby day care

DD = Darling Daughter
DS = Darling Son
DH = Darling Husband etc.

I am paying $280 for 4 days for 1 child who is 2
I take his nappies and food
I am thinking of being a stay at home mummy, as second one is on the way wacko
we paid $270 for full week and we have to provide nappy and lunch and snacks, now am a stay at home mommy so bubba is with me because my second baby is on the way:) smile
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