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Does anyone know of any jobs around Adelaide that would hire even though I'm pregnant?

I'm a little stressed as I'm on Centrelink at the moment but to get my payments, I need to either be studying or working.. And nothing study wise seems to interest me anymore. I've been looking around on Gumtree for work but all seem like too much hard work for someone pregnant (or at least, that's just what I think :/)
I really don't want to lose anything, as I have bills, rent, etc to pay..
My partner (father of the baby) works but I can't and don't want to expect him to be paying for everything..

Sorry I don't know. I guess it's hard for them for the fact that you might only be working for 16ish weeks before you will need to go on leave. What sort of work had you been doing? Could you do something online from home?

Where would I even find an online job to do from home?

I don't know tbh. Have you been to any employment agencies?

Have you tried in odesk? Or if you are good in writing you can start to blog or review products from ebay and amazon. I'm following the life of Ms. Lesley the owner of this website www(.) , you can ask some tips on how to do it. She's very accommodating and loves to share her experience.


It might be best to ask anyone you know of jobs going through people they know? More chance of being hired.
Takeaway shops or small business might be keen on hiring you at least it would be some income.
It's really wrong but a lot of companies probably won't hire you being pregnant as you can't work long. I hope you find something though, good luck.
Just didactic search on Seek under temp jobs and a couple of pages came up for Adelaide. Few payroll etc. depends on what skills you have.

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