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What does croup sound like?
[Edited on 19/09/2008]
Almost like a barking noise.

If it's just rattley and phlemy it's prob just a really bad cough, but croup is a little more distictive.

( I think it might be a fairly dry cough too but not 100% on that one)

Its terrible it sounds like the worst dry cough you have ever herd it sounds scarey almost like the cant breath.
My little boy gets it
DD had it the other week sounds like a fur seal!!! dry cough and they cough so much it sounds like they are choking!

Hope it's not for your sakes!


why do you think that your little bubba has it....
Thankyou. I think DS may have it. He has a cough (more like a bark) that sounds like he has a REALLY sore throat.
I feel like the worst mother ever, a twelve week old with croup.
Is it contagious??
I'll be going to the docs tomorrow, but what can i do in the meantime??
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I think Ryder may have it at the moment too, i only noticed it last night and i googled it this evening as he has been continually coughing... He has a snotty blocked nose and is continually coughing, but is certainly a dry bark and he nearly chokes himself, almost like a cat coughing up a furball.. I have had to go into him about 5 0r 6 times tonight already just to make sure he is ok.. Do you think it may be croup?? And if so there is nothing much i can do but let it pass right??

i did read that a humidifyer will help and also a brief stint in the cold night air too....

I would also have to say it sounds like a seal. Poor lil bubba. I dont think its contagious. If you havent got a vaporizer you can take bubs into the bathroom and turn the shower on with just hot water. Just sit in the room with all the steam. It may help.
yep lots of steam to help loosen up the cough. I think (again not 100%) that when croup is starting to get better that it loosens up into more of a phlemy rattle.

Its not your fault its just something they get.
It starts as a head cold and they say for one in ten kids it turns into croupe.... So the actual croupe is not contagious but they could pass on a head cold to another child.....

Mum to Ryder.
It depends how bad it is my little boy has to have these steroids it helps to shrink the windpipe.. Apperently its like a benby straw and the winpipe colapses the first two nights are the worst and then it gets better...
Its true about the cold air also you can turn the shower on to let some steam in....
Dont feel bad, Croup likes little ones more than young kids and it's going around, Make sure you take him to the Doctors though it's not nice!
Hope the little mite feeels better soon

Also elavating his matress some what helped my DD not to cough as much
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Posted by: Mum2Ryder - PopGirl
i did read that a humidifyer will help and also a brief stint in the cold night air too....

I'm pretty sure that the cold night air is not a good idea. You're meant to keep them warm.

I found the humidifier helpful though.
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