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  5. My boy had a fall - his bump is so bad. :( Updated to add...

My boy had a fall - his bump is so bad. :( Updated to add... Lock Rss

He now has 2 black eyes from the fall! Where can I get those head protectors from! hehe

Am waiting for the doctor to arrive. Has anyone seen one so big before? I feel so sorry for him. <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span>
[Edited on 11/02/2010]
yeah my brother fell over and smacked his head on the skating rink when he was young. He had an "egg" on his head the same size, from what i can remember the doc checked him out and nothing came of it.. As long as he didnt get dizzy he said he should be ok.

ETA it took a week to go down
[Edited on 08/02/2010]

OMG!! No i haven't. I am so glad the doctors are on their way. Hoping your DS is ok.
Poor little mite, must hurt so bad.
Oh honey! No i haven't seen one that big before!! Poor little bugger, what did he hit his head on?

OMG poor little man thats huge, he must have quite a head ache.

My daughter fell on her head in the garage a few months ago but her bump wasnt as big as that. they do like to do things that will hurt them dont they.

Hope he feels better soon.
Keep an eye on him and record anything that seems important to tell the doctor, like if he says he feels tired, or if he is feeling dizzy... anything like that. Also keep a close eye on him and don't let him sleep untill the doctor has seen him.

I'm sure he will be ok, sending GBH's to your little man!!! Hope the doc gets there soon so he can reassure you and check your son over!!! Xx

Thanks guys... he was playing with his sister and tripped over her foot and smashed his head on the tiles. sad It's grown down into his eyebrow now. I hope he will be fine.
Doctor is 15 mins away! phew!
Ouchies! My kids have had some heavy knocks, but never that big. sad

Poor lil guy... I have a headache just looking at it. Kids will be kids though hey?

Thats great that the doctor does home visits! Hope he will recover quickly. xx

Ouch! Sadly I have seen a bump that big before, on my DD1's forehead. She ran smack bang into a brick wall when she was around 3 and it was the nastiest looking bump I have ever seen. A trip to the hospital later and we were told she may have a small fracture behind it and to just keep an eye on her. The bump was HUGE for ages (weeks) but it didn't seem to worry her, it was just tender if touched/bumped.

DD1, now 12 has scar tissue from that bump that is still slightly raised on her forehead and when she gets hot or upset it is more noticeable because it becomes red. The Dr I took her to about the scar tissue a few months after the bump happened charged me $40 and told me to (I quote) 'grow her fringe to cover it!)

Hope your poor little man is ok.

aww no! thats huge! poor little guy. i hope everythings ok and it goes down soon


ooh wow.. i must admit i've never seen one so big.. though i must admit your ds has the most beautiful puppy dog eyes. poor thing.. let us know how u go with the dr

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