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I took DS to the Drs this morning as he has a cold and is having trouble breathing. He's wheezing and breathing really really fast. She checked everything out and said it's not asthma or a chest infection. He has no temp but he won't eat or drink. She even said it looks like he's in pain but can't find anything wrong with him. I have another appointment tomorrow with a different Dr so hopefully find some answers. It's just the rapid breathing that's worrying me. He's asleep now and I can hear how quick he's breathing. Anyone know what it could be or the start of something??
Im NOT a doctor, but my DS2 (was 8 weeks old) had similar symptoms and was diagnosed with Bronculitis. So it Could be something like this.

Hope they work out what is wrong!
I went to the doctor when my son was having trouble with his breathing. He told me it is the rapid breathing that is dangerous because they can only keep this up for so long and when it slows down it is because they are tired and can't keep it up. Sorry i don't want to alarm you but just wanted you to be aware of that. I think if they are breathing near 60 breaths per minute that is dangerous. Keep a close eye on him, and take him back if you are unsure.
ok so now i am worried that i have scared you and he may be fine, if so i am sorry. But maybe you should ring the parent helpline then they will be able to let you know if his breathing sounds dangerous or not.
all the best
Thanks guys,
Sorry for the late reply. We've been in hospital since yesterday afternoon sad

He was asleep on the couch and I though I would count his breaths per minute as the Dr I went to didn't. It was 75 per minute!!!! Now I'm no Dr either but I do know that is just way too high.

Took him straight to emergency and he was high priority as they were very concerned about him and couldn't believe the Dr I saw during the day just sent me home.

We got straight in and he was put on oxygen right away, had blood tests, x-rays etc but still no one could pinpoint what was wrong. They said maybe pnemonia or bronchitis but would have to do more tests to see.
ANyway he was on oxygen all night with 1 hourly obs and that seemed to help him heaps.

A Dr saw him today and could only put it down to a virus and this is just the way his little body reacted to it. Poor little guy.

Sound asleep now but still have to give him ventolin every 4 hours.
Nurses are absolutely FANTASTIC people and have one of the hardest jobs out there. They don't get enough credit.

SOrry for the ramble, sorry if I don't make sense but really tired from no sleep.
Oh your poor little man sad
So glad he is on the mend though. He is definitely in the right spot now, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

I'm so glad he is ok. I have been checking on this post a lot to see if you had posted. I am glad it all worked out, i hope he makes a speedy recovery
Thanks so much. It's so nice to have people you don't know care about you smile
He's much better today, was making all the nurses laugh with his charm and we were able to come home!!!! Yay!!!!
He just has to be on ventolin every few hours but they think he should be better by the end of the week.
Thanks again guys smile
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