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Molluscum contagiosum ... anyone had it? Lock Rss

DD1 who is 7 has this very high up on her inner thigh. The doctor's advice was to prick each of the lumps with a wooden kitchen skewer (yes, a skewer!!) then put "Diswart" on them. Well it took me about half an hour to get DD to let me start cause she was so scared. The pricking was fine, didn't hurt, but when I put the Diswart on it must have absolutely stung cause she screamed and screamed for about 10 minutes constantly. It was awful, I was crying too.

Anyone had it? Any recomendations for remedies? I have heard it can be very hard to get rid of especially as it is to contagious, but I have no doubt DD won't let me do that her again. I wonder if using the stuff without pricking the lumps first would eventually get rid of them, as this wouldn't be putting it onto 'broken' skin.
Very interesting, thanks ladies. Little Miss's I especially found the other thread very good smile
So after at least a few months, I think we've found a solution. It hasn't totally gone, but is definately HEAPS better since we started our latest treatment. It's an old wives tale, and pretty grose, but if anyone needs help let me know and I'll pass it on smile
Yes please. I would like to know. I have a friend with 2 kids with them and she'd love to know too, thanks!!
Hi there - both of my boys had it too. Terrible looking things.

We tried the natural approach (not because I'm a greenie but because there weren't many options). We found they quickly shrunk and disappeared with liquid silver spray from Health 2000.
There was no way that my boys would ever let me near them to squeeze them or prick them, it so tempting especially when they were asleep... but glad I didn't as was afraid they would spread even more.

I dosed both boys up with kids vitamins too just incase they had lower immune systems. Not sure if that helped but was worth a go.

Good luck and keep persisting, both boys are bump free now with no scars.
Well, here is the solution I have found ........ after seeing different doctors, using different creams (both prescription and non-prescription), pricking them, using "diswart", rubbing the tops off with a towel, and a few months later, they were still getting worse and had become really red and angry. By this stage DD was crying about it most days, and I was a lot too, it was EXTREMELY frustrating that nothing seemed to have any effect on them.

A friend of my sister's recommended urine .... yes wee!! So I figured it was worth giving it a go. So every morning and every night I put a bowl in the loo and DD wees as per normal, then I put it on liberally with cotton balls. It's not exactly fun to do and the cotton balls get soaked through, but I saw massive improvements in just a few days. We've been doing it for about 2 weeks now and they're getting better and better. Still not gone but I am persevering with it as it's the only treatment we've tried that has actually given us results!
Hi, interesting thread here. My three kids all had molluscum, and being a medical researcher myself I was familiar with the virus and the many cures talked about. Wee, has been a cure-all for years and certainly, mid stream urine is both sterile and acidic and these may explain its effect. More telling though was that the previous post mentioned that the bumps had gone "red and angry". This inflammation is a prelude to the resolution of molluscum without treatment. In other words it may have been coincidental that the wee only appeared to help. Certainly there is no medical research to support it.
We tried various ointments but returned to a specific Australian made product called Mollenol. It was really good, easy to use, etc. I highly recommend it.

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