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Ds coughing non stop Lock Rss

Hi all. Ds who is 4yrs has had a headcold for the last 3 weeks & last Sun came down with a bad virus. Flu/vomiting. Went to doctors Mon. Couldn't do much for him. Poor little man has had temps etc all week. Now he is coughing day & night. He will only take Advil because it is banana flavour. Refuses to take cough mixture. Have tried & tried to talk him into it. I put vapouriser on at night which helps a little. I just don't know what to do. Has been off his foods a few times this week because I think he has a sore throat from coughing & has had bad pain in the tummy/bowel. Little buggar will not take panadol or neurofen or anything new. This sitting here typing & pulling my hair out.

That sux Garfield, poor wee man sad
He wouldn't like it and it may be impossible with him wriggling but could you try Panadol suppositories? You never know, after he's had a couple he might decide having the liquid by mouth is the better choice!
Cut a strepsil in half for him to suck on? Or a cold iceblock can sometimes help calm the coughing? Or make a strawberry milkshake and hide the strawberry Panadol in it?

Has the GP mentioned that it could be mesenteric adenitis? (Inflamed lymph glands in tummy) As it seemed to start with a cold now he has a sore tummy and spiking temps is what makes me wonder that... And the coughing will be hurting / aggravating his tummy, Anyway even if it is there's not much you can do but ride it out with pain killers, can last up to a couple of weeks, kids usually fairly miserable with it. If your worried take him back for review being a Friday and all?

Hope he starts to feel better ASAP smile

Thanks Nursenellie for your reply. Didn't even know Panadol had suppositories. I really don't think I could go there myself let alone put him through that sad The chemists had kid lolly pops for sore throats. I showed it to him & he refused to even try it. I wish I could make a milkshake. He only drinks water. The GP said he had a very rumbling tummy & said it was all part of this virus he has caught. I haven't taken him back to GP as off & one he is eating & still drinking each day although at start of this week he could barely drink. Next Monday will be his 5th week of being sick. I just hope he is not too sick for too much longer. He keeps coming up to me & saying I feel sick mummy. I just keep telling him I cant help him if he won't help himself by taking some cough mixture. xx

Fair enough re supps. Tricky situation then and he certainly knows what he does and doesn't want!
Does he like ice locks? The cough mixture or Panadol could be diluted in water and made into iceblocks? Sounds like he might be a bit clever for that as well tho wink. Good luck!
Must be 4yr olds then by the sound of it. It is so hard to see your child sick. I think ds is too smart to trick. If I held him down & tried to give medicine he would spit it out sad

GR I feel for you. Today DD peaked at a temp of 40.3 thankfully we were at the doctors a second time within 24hrs. She had am ear infection but has the high temp, sore tummy, throwing up and lost 1kg in 3 days. I put her on nurefen which didn't help panadol has been a blessing.

If I was you I would work out what is it he is afraid of, is it the taste or the syringe? Im sure you have tried it but dillute it in water and give it to him in a dark coloured drink bottle if he doesnt see the colour he may actually drink it, another option is to stick it in his fav food, ie yoghurt, soup etc.

As for the saw throat lemon and warm water does wonders for kids but im not sure how you would go with that.

You could go to another doctor and get antibiotics, that's a long time to be sick.

Kazzzav I have heard of putting onion under you feet with a pair of socks on at night. Haven't heard of just putting it cut in in a bedroom. Interesting. I hope ds & dd feel better soon. Pairs I hope dd starts to feel better with her ear infection ouch sad My ds has always taken any type of medicine right up to recently & now he just wont budge accept if its Advil because its banana flavour. I suspect this has something to do with his very fussy eating habbits. Has spent years eating 4 things & will not eat anything new. So he eats no fruit or vege. Even refused to try vitamins in the gummibears or the vitamins in the chocolate squares sad Will only drink water as he refuses to even try other types of drinks. I am so tired sitting here typing. Have been up every night since last Sat night.

Dh was sick for a mth and is still a little off. He is asthmatic and required 2 courses of antibiotics and 2 courses of steroids. Dd2 got sick around 2 weeks ago constant coughing, high temp and off her food. Had one course of steroids and after no improvement she had a chest xray. Gp said he could hear a problem in her left lung. On the xray u could the pocket that shouldnt be there. She had pnumonia when she was 3 so im wondering if any further damage had been done. She put on a strong course of antibiotics and is much better now. hope ur ds is feeling better soon, as that is a long time to be sick. Oh and my 4 yr old is good eater and i have a terrible time getting her to take meds and she is also a spitter and a vomiter sad

Mummy*2*4girls, I feel for your ds sad I cannot believe dd2 got pneumonia. Scary to say the least. Glad she is much better now.

Dh has now come down with his 2nd headcold in 3 weeks. I just want to rip my hair out. Ds is still sick so had to miss swim lessons this morning for 5th week in a row. I am hoping to send him to special school on Wed/Thurs morning if he is up to it. I started to feel sick again yesterday. So will just see how I go sad

I think I will definitely keep the onion thing in mind. With my cold 2 weeks ago I put vicks under my feet every night with socks. I must admit it didn't make any difference to me. I bought dh an immune defence from ethical nutricients for help him. He can take it now as he reckons it makes him nauseas. Weird. xx

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