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5 year old continually sick since December - So many antibiotics Lock Rss

My 5 year old has had one infection after another since Christmas. It started with tonsillitis. We were given antibiotics. A week and a half later tonsillitis again. This time two courses of antibiotics. A week after that really high temps for 3 days and then diagnosed with UTI. Antibiotics again. A week or two after that I had her home for a week with impetigo. Completely healed and back to school for a week and bam impetigo again this time with another UTI, vomiting an temps.
We are using a doterra oil mix to try and help with immunity. A probiotic from the chemist. My house smells like a hospital and I have become the clean hand police. LoL I'm not against antibiotics but she has been sick for so long and feel something else might need to be investigated. Am I being paranoid or do i just have a kid who gets everything? *sigh
Its awful when your child has a run of sicknesses, and you wonder if they will ever get over it all. The problem is that one infection seems to weaken them a little, and then they get the next, and the next. I went through that myself after tonsillitis in December, and seem to get sick so easily afterwards, and I am an adult with a good immune system normally, so it's harder for a child. I hope your little one is at the end of the run now, and can get better. The problem is at school they are exposed to so much, and they can spend that first year at school constantly catching something.
Omg... hope your child gets well soon! Although when children sick, it does pains us.... but it's part and parcel..
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