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Additive and preservative free diets Rss

I would love to hear from anybody who is on or thinking about trying their children on a presevative and additive free diet. My son is so full on and busy that they are considering putting him on medication, but I would like to try altering his diet first. Just not sure the best way to approach it. I know about the things I need to remove from his diet (which really isn't that bad) but not sure quite what to replace it with so that he is still interested in food. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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hi there my son is servier ADHD and we found that diet was a key in helping him not cureing him though as he has a chemical imbalance

i tried the sue dengate elimination diet as it is a long process you can just say right lets stop him on milk for today and see how he goes it will take you months of hard cooking and work to eliminate what affects your child

but go to and she has advice on her books you can read to help with this plus look up adhd recipes on google and you will find alota other elimination diets that might help to if you need to chat bout this further pm no worries!!!

gd luck on your journey babe

natty:) is an aussie one based in WA. She can send you emails if you wish also.

It's most definately worth a try first & foremost.
I dont give my kids additives and preservatives etc, but there is still a lot of foods they can have.

I basically use the list from the additive alert book and stay away from the bad ones.

There are generally replacements in shops without so many numbers in them, ie organic tomato sauce, natural/organic icecream etc. Other than that, my kids love berry pancakes, homemade cakes etc. It is more a case of finding alternatives I think.

I guess we have been lucky in that we (as in the kids, not me haha) have not really had a lot of the junky snack food that is normal now, so they dont really know what they are missing, and if they are going somewhere with food I dont like them to eat, it depends on the situaltion as to whether I take homemade/alternative stuff for them to eat, or let them eat the junk for that one day.

Hi. It's scary how much these additives can affect kids. My 3 year old goes mental when he eats any colours or preserves, so I try as much as I can to make all his food from scratch. He also is anaphylactic to nuts so is aware he can't eat some things (blessing in disguise!). I also have found by trial and error that his behaviour is far more on an even keel when he has omega 3s. I have him on an adult dose (I am a kinesiologist and checked him out so knew it was safe to) It is definitely a better solution to try first before meds and has been shown to help with brain development as well as mood.
Good luck
My DD#1 is now on an additive and presevative, artifical colouring etc free diet. It has done absolute wonders for her behaviour, it's amazing I never really thought she ate c r a p food before, but since changing she is ten times better, and it's so nice to have my beautiful baby back. I don't have time right now but I will PM you what foods she eats later.
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