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hi i was wondering if there was any mums on here that kids hav ADHD,ADD,ODD etc my DS11 has it and i think my DD#2 age4 might be showing sins of it to ad DF had ADD anyways just wondering??

Hi, natty

My DS#1 was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at 5 yrs old,he is now 9.

My DS#2 who is nearly 4 is displaying the same behaviours, I think that he is at an impressionable age, and he is copying his big brother.

I also have doubts to DS#1's diagnosis.

I know that at home the discipline has never been consistent and he could benefit from that.

I used to babysit a boy who displayed the same behaviors as my son's and his mum was not consistent and couldn't control him, but when I had him, he behaved as he knew what was expected of him.
Well I got slack and was the same with my kids as she was with hers (big mistake on my part.)

I'm not saying that your inconsistent, I'm only talking about me.
please don't take offense.

I'm not happy with medicating my boy for something he hasn't got(well that's what I think ). He does have it during the school term, but not on weekends or holidays. It helps him to sit still but he still doesn't know how to self regulate as he hasn't really been taught properly.


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hi there amy OMG sooo gd to hear from u!!!!! i know how you feel some days are like OMG lol we have had liam on meds for 3 years now and i decided to give him a break during the school holidays being 6wks
which is a nice break for him

im also doing a preservative free and coulour and additive free diet with him aswell as we did one be4 but it was very limited we thought we would try again and see what happens i can do all this this year as i wont be working or studying this year just looking after the kids while DF goes to uni ohh and waiting for our new bub to arrive lol

have you tried a diet change on your son and if you dont like him on meds i have heard great things about that eyeQ stuff you get from healthshops but........ its very costely!!! i found that evening primrose oil and fish oil helped liam a lot aswell as diet when we were on the no meds be4!!!

i found liam really needs them dueing school as he just doesnt concentrat and it is the below average at schoool level , we still give liam his meds on weekends to as we see it as it is an addictive drug they have him on and the withdrawals just arnt werth it for him plus once we start again in the week it takes till weds to get him calm so we found it beter to give him a break in the 2 wk holidays etc

its very strickt at our house here we are very consistant but it still doesnt help with kids like ours we are constantly changing punishments and boundary rules as he gets board with reward charts etc we work with our psycholigist every fortnight and liams counceler to and this school we have him in is gr8 they really try with him not like his other 2 schools that would call us the minuite we dropped him off !!! and say hes started we cant deal with this come and pick him up!!!

i am here anytime you would like to vent or chat just pm me no worries!!!! takecare amy hope to hear from u soon!!!


I have a 14 year old son (well 14 on Sunday) who was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9, last year he was also diagnosed with Aspergers. He is medicated every day in fact we have just started trialing Concerta which lasts for 12 hours. We tried the food elimination thing - found colours aren't good for him but sugar is fine. Its almost impossible at this age to make sure they aren't eating junk food.

we have had some very serious issues over the years with his behaviour I had a nervous breakdown in Nov 2006 and sent him to the other end of the country for 6 weeks so I could have a break. It was the best thing for both of us and last year wasn't as awful - This year however is already turning to custard, this morning he advised me that he's going to live with his dad and I told him I thought it would be a good idea.

I can't keep living like we are, I have 2 younger kids who certainly don't need to witness his behaviour and I don't need to put up with it either. His dad has done pretty much no parenting for the past 12 years, apart from 1 weekend a month if he can be bothered (he likes to think of DS as his friend!). I think its time for him to step up to the plate, and for DS to find out that the grass is NOT greener on the other side!

I know this probably wasn't what the thread was intended for but this is my reality of living with a teenager with ADHD, Aspergers & possible Oppositional Defiance Disorder (not yet tested for but shows EVERY sign). My younger children (6 & 3) have tried to display their brothers behaviour but it is VERY QUICKLY nipped in the bud!

Thanks for the rant, I didn't even realise I needed it!


awwwwwww buzybee massive huges babe i know exactley how you feel you poor thing , mabey time with his dad will make him see what you actually do for him!!!!!, and i know what you mean bout the year already turning into custard too!!!!, you can pm me anytime ya want to vent or just chat i think we need to get to know ppl who are going thru the same lives as us cause otherwise they just dont understand YKWIM , how did you nip the other kids copieing your sons behaviour my 4 yr old is soooooooooo stubborn and still we are just as strict on her as our son and she still acts like him am going nuts!!!, sorry to her about your breakdown aswell, i know i feel like im gonna most days lol but at least you and DS got a break from eachother

when we get our DS looked after we get called early and asked to pick him back up cause they cant handle him , but then on the other hand they are the first to judge us with our strictness what a joke aye , anyways babe your not alone in this we are all here anytime mwha big big hugggs

hi, natty, I'll reply later tonight when the kiddies are asleep and talk more.

I'm in Perth, where abouts are you?


how cool so am i babe lol cant wait will check in tonight after home and away lol

Hi Natty, had trouble getting the kiddies to bed, our house is so damn hot!!!!hehehe.

We tried a change of diet a few years ago and it consisted of lots of fish and whole foods,it seemed to make a big difference.
We use the kid smart fish oil stff and it made no diff to any thing, we even upped the dosage and no diff.

I'll have a look at the iq stuff and the evening primrose oil, do you know if it works while they're on medication? Matt is on dexies and he only gets one per day, as we don't want him walking around like a zombie all day.We'll be starting him on them again on Sat, ready for school.

What school does he go to? Matt goes to Bassendean Primary.Matt is supposed to be seeing a psychologist, but we haven't seen one yet, I know that it will be of great assistance to him and the family.

We had maccas for dinner tonight,he had a double cheese burger medium fries and an apple juice and behaviours got worse. He then managed to settle down. DH bought the 3 bigger boys a caramello koala, and that.s where the fun began, he was pretending to be a baby and wouldn't stop the silly noises and was hooting and squealing when we got home,lol. He for some reason settled down when we got home and watched a video,strange for matt, he must have been full and tired.

Does Liam sit at the table and kind of eat dinner and not sit still and get rowdy and maybe run outside when he is supposed to be sitting still? Matt does.

R u going to kings park next tue?


awww babe i know how you feel!!!! i do know my friend had he sister on the dex and on the eyeq stuff to and also a kids a liams old vac cae aswell, so im sure it would be fine!!!

wow matt being on one tab a day is awsome we only just put liam up to 3 a day as he's getting older now and needs more concertration!!

as for the maccas thing very very far and few inbetween in this house as the same thing happens to us i really i just cant be bothered dealing with it , he only gets it when i feel i have the strength to hadle him afterwards lolhehheeh the other kids get it a bit more often then he does but only when he's at his nanna's etc lol sssssssshhhhhhhhh

i do want to go but my daughter starts her first day at kindy on tues spewing!!! i missed the other ones due to work aswell but the nxt time theres one im opting for a weds lol

liam was going to montrose primary but that has now merged with another school and will now be called rosewerth primary instead but great school we have been thru a few due to them not being able to handle liam and his behaviour and this one is a keeper i have no idea what we are going to do we he starts high school as he alianates himself from the other kids but calling them names etc when he doesnt get his own way and annoying them to!!!

and yes we have huge hasstles at the dinner table which we are trying to curb that but tis very hard and annoying and teaching his other siblings that its funny to etc so now they do it to arrrrrrrrhhhhhh

your very lucky matt can actually calm himself down liam is STILL learning to do that and its a very hard road lol as you know but he's slowly very slowly getting there i think???

we also had a terrible day with liam he sabotarshed everything yesterday was in a hell of a mood it was just a write off day hopefull today will be betr as we are starting liam on his meds tommza ready for mon school!!! i cant wait till school starts cause then i will have a break!!!

do you have a lota family support??? we dont every1 judges us saying were to strict and harsh etc but as you know they dont have to live with this everyday and fight the battles of trying to teach you child that just doesnt get it cause there brain won't let them!!!

i would luv to get together some time for a coffee and see how the boys interact and just knowing that someone else is going thru the same thing is comforting i reckon!!!

anyways we are now ging to make real butter out of cream should keep em busy for a while lol hope you have a gd day

omg, I'm so glad I'm not the only one going through this hehehe.
We have some family support,but the only one who can handle Matt properly is my Mum, she is a teachers aide in the ed support unit at another school, and deals with hard kids all the time.
We don't always ask her for help, because she's so exhausted by the end of the day. My MIL & FIL let him do what he wants and if he doesn't want to eat they don't push the point.The other day they took him to fast eddies and all he wanted was a coke. they said that they had tried to convince him to eat and get a fruit smoothie but he refused and they let him get away with it. Gggrrrrrrr it frustrates me so much hehehe. We will be telling them that he can only drink water and milk and maybe a little juice from now on. My Mum refuses to feed the kids crap and it's great.

Matt has been prescribed to have 2 per day, but I think it's too much for him and I like that he still has that glint of mischief in his eyes and isn't a Zombie.

Does Liam have problems with milk or other dairy products? coz I find that if Matt drinks lots of milk during the day, it kinda sets him off and he has a bad day. If he drinks more water and I limit milk to 1 or 2 glasses a dat, he seems to have a better day.

Matt only calms himself down every so often and it's a treat when he does.

It would be great to meet up for a coffee, I'm thinking it would be good to meet somewhere where there is alot of space to run around as my kids hate staying still lol.
I'm not to sure myself about going to kings park on tue anymore as I have to catch public transport there and back.I'm worried that I'm not going to get to the school on time.

talk soon


hey babe wow your lucky bout your mum thats gr8 that she can handle matt and DOESNT feed him crap!!!!

your MIL n FIL well just really put your foot down my mum would slip liam a RED of all things lollypop whilst we were visiting (dont tell mum she says) well he didnt have to i could bloody tell by him behaviour and not only that a red tongue derrrrrrr so i made her have him the night as said if your going to undermind me as a parent and give him crap that sends him totally loopy then you have him, well she didnt do that again lol!!! hehehehehe

also once we tried the elimination diet on liam they had a list of food he could eat and well lets say they protested and didnt agree and told us we were being stupid etc but the deal was you dont do or respect our guidlines then you dont get to see him simpe, it really annoys me when the grandparents try to make up there mistakes they made with us thru our kids ykwim??!! and my brother was the same as liam to so you think she would remember saying no coke no this no that etc but with her own grandson tis ok lol hehehehehe upsets me am sorry you MIL n FIL are like this gd luck with telling them!!

as for the milk no i havent seen too much difference but he only has a couple a day and drinks water all thru the day i do make them smoothies with fresh fruit aswell, and instead of sugar sometimes add mapple syrup instead pure mapple syrup not that fake stuff lol
and then he's getting calcium and fruit all in one shhhhhhhh hehehehe he knows but he doesnt at the sametime if ykwim lol

i agree with the open space lol hehehehehe my kids hate being cooped up too lol i do drive so i could meet you somewhere close to you and then just leave a bit earlier to get back b4 school finishes and pick the kids up we only have one car grrrrrrrr lol is there a nice big play ground near you??

i dont find that the dex make liam into a zombie as such but he can concentrate ALOT better on them, we are trying to op't for a med free life the EYEQ tablets are very expencive like $60 a bottle and to start them off they have a lot during a introduction of 2-3wks i think my sis was telling me bout it , if you can afford them thats gr8 but we cant right now , not with number 4 on the way , by the way OMG how do you cope with 4 and one being ADHD and then one your not sure bout , im really stressing i know in the end it will just all fall into place and i'll some how get a routine happening but OMG lol

do you have a routine at home for matt??? i found these to be a life saver and the other kids now luv it to, even if its a weekend and we visit a mate and get home at 10 we still have to do bath time ,fatcat etc b4 the lil'er ones will go to bed lol tis gd but not lol

you will luv well hopefully luv you psycologist, ours is fantastic and has become part of the family sorta lol we work together on stratigies etc and she trys to explain what liam s head thinks etc it does really help!!!

hows matts grades??? is he average, etc?? and how is he at school just the same or can he hold it together a it more than home???
liam is 70-40 at school which is great but with his learning difficulties ontop he,s still below average
at home he,s ummm realisticly 90% bad all the time no exaderation!!!
when that 10% shimes thry though ohhh we luv it lol

how do you and hubby cope???

am soooo glad to be able to chat i really want to meet you am sooo excited lol hehehehehehehehehe
well gotta go do dinner now hope to hear from u soo tc babe

Hey, sorry for not replying earlier, Ive had a busy week packing and so forth.
Thje behaviourscoming from my kids have been 1`totally atrocious, and if I go on the computer for even a few mins they are screaming and carrying on,just doing everything that they Know not to do.

At the moment I have Owen screaming @ me coz I won't let him touch the keyboard, hence the typo's.

Now he's gone outside to play, thank god.

I'm so looking forward to Monday, I'll have 2 kids @ school, but Zeke will only be there for 1/2 the day.

We have been pretty slack with the routine @ the moment, but once school starts it will be on again, and it will b a lot easier.Matt, Zeke and Owen respond well to the routine, and it's gr8 4 us as we get to have adult time @ the end of the day.

I always make sure Matt has healthy food for school, as it does keep him better behaved. His grades are below average, but he did get a b for p.e which was gr8. He has friends, but he finds it really hard to join in with group discussions , he also has a mixed anxiety and depressive disorder which makes things hard for him, but he is getting better with it and will get more confident as time goes on.

It is hard for me with 4 kids, and this usually happens when I'm having a hard time coping with everything. When I'm coping better and feeling happier about everything, I find it easier, and I do more stuff with the kids.

Any way, I'd better go, Owen's back in here and whinging, and I can hear Matt banging away at something outside.

It's so stressful.hehehe

What day's best for you, wed would be good 4 me, but I'll have 3 kiddies with me.


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