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Hi my name is Belle I have 3 children and my DS2 has just been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism in Nov 07 I am looking to find out new stratergies that have worked for others on how to deal with my son especially if we go out or on a holiday some where
Hi there! I don't really have an answer to your question but just wanted to say I looked right into ASD as I was concerned my DD2 fell into that category. (I did a stack of research about it on my own as the Docs refused to talk to me about it because she "wasn't old enough to be concerned."

I found a lot of information about helping to reduce the characteristics through diet. You might already know but a Dairy and Gluten free diet works absolute wonders in roughly 8 out of 10 cases. It certainly made an EMORMOUS change in my DD, it's just sheer luck that we discovered around the same time that she is Gluten and dairy intolerant anyway! But honestly, the change was incredible and anohter lady I spoke to on another site was worried about her DD displaying Autistic characteristics and was fobbed off like I was with Doctors so I told her to try the diet and she was astounded at how much affect it had. Good luck, sorry if you already knew this and tried it, just thought I would tell you!

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hi my almost 3 year old son is autistic, and i have just finished reading- louder than words by jenny McCarthy and am now reading- a frind like henry by nuala gardner, these books have helped me with info i can relate to more than what a professional could provide.
hope this helps smile
Thanks for the replies i have tried gluten and cacsin free but it didnt make any difference with him.

boysmum have you read the world of the Autistic child written by Bryna Siegel it is very interesting it covers all the spectrum disorders. It has explained so much and i am only 1/4 of the way through. It is more of a clinical based book and for the general reader is harder to understand ( i am a nursing student) but really good.

How severe is your sons Autism if you dont mind me asking?
thankyou i'll go borrow that book. we are not sure how severe it is yet, his psychologist has told us that he has autism, but that we need to get him assesed which is on the 6th of march. im finding it hard to cope with as my youngest son(3 month old) has clubfoot and needs extra medical help also. though my 3 yr old will b starting an early education program at dandy valley special school this year which im hoping will help him smile
hi there i cant really give advice as we are in the process of finding out what is up with our son.
we have done the first assessment that came up trumps for most things he has a very strong marker for ADHD and one for Autism but none of the others to make a diagnoses then he has a whole lot of other stuff as well but nothing or enough of anything to pinpoint it. so we are off to a geneticist to see if they can find anything else out.
all i can say that we have found things that work for our son like having a major routine keeping things as same as possible. i also have to pre warn him on alot of things must say i don't seem to have to do it as often or maybe i am just so use to doing it i have ways of doing it without it being obvious lol . the hard part is not having a label to go on with as we have so many things that he has symptoms that is that my head is still spinning from the assessment last November/decemebr that all i can do is just find and try ways and if they work keep doing them. its a case of reading up and taking on board what you think would work. my son loves routine and especially the visual side of it having the morning routine chart up on the fridge and making him look at it to what comes next helps with keeping him on track.
good luck in finding ways to make life easier. sorry i cant be of more help.

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Hi Jaks,
OMG you just described the last 4 years of my life. I can't believe how much your story mimics mine. My son too has no "offical" label. I think that most health professionals are totally baffled by him. Even his endocrinologist said a few weeks ago that he defys description and that noone can work him out. NOT very helpful to me.

We have done the autism assessment and he didn't met enough criteria to be diagnosed. He is without doubt ADHD but doesn't respond to medication. He is growth hormone deficient and they have found a chromosomal abnormality which they know nothing about and believe that all this is somehow tied together. Every time I see a Dr something new is discovered. Like you I am absolutely bewildered. I get no answers from the Drs, I think he is in the "too hard basket" for them. When people ask me what is his diagnosis, I don't know what to tell them. I usually say he has a chromosomal abnomality but then they ask "what's it called?" "does it have a name?" Well NO!!! not that anyone has managed to tell me.

I have actually suggested that he would make a good candidate for a student Dr to do a research study on, they might find out something useful to tell me.

As for routine, my son isn't as driven with routine as your son sounds. In fact he is the opposite, you don't tell him anything until it is about to happen. If you are going out somewhere, if you tell him he expects you are going straight away and then if you say he has to wait, he losses the plot totally. You don't tell him anything until you walk out the door. As for the visual timetable that your son uses, my son has one at school and it helps him heaps. I don't use one at home.

Honestly I could talk to you for ages and tell you lots of stories, but I won't bore you. Good luck with seeing the geneticist. Hopefully you will get some answers. I'd love to hear how you get on. All the best. Sam

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i just take each day as it comes and make sure my daughter is alsways as comfortable as she can be

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