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Hi ladies, as you can see I am a bit lost in what i have coming to me. My son has had a lot of medical issues due to doctors not interviening earlier. Tommorow we have an appointment with the pead as the doctors believe that my son is both mentally and physically delayed. At his 18 month check up the doctor said that he should be walking flat footed, able to coersively talk or at least odentify/convey what he is after. He pritty much said that my son is at the developmental stage of a 7 month old.

Anyway to cut a really long story short I was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of tests will they be "running", how evasing will they be, and how i can make it less "scary" for my son.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

little monkeys

Hi Deonne

Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time lately.

Hard to say what tests will be done as I am sure they will be individually tailored to your son and the situation, but I will say that on the whole Dr's and Specialists working with kids have lots of experiance at making the whole process less invasive - when we go to the children's hossy they have tonnes of toys and techniques for getting through the tests in the least stressful way possible, and the staff there are very talented at adjusting to the needs of the particular child... except ENT - for some reason I have had so many problems with ENT, but that's just me.

Good luck with your appointments - it is hard work but important to get it all done.

Victoria x
Hi there Deonne.

As VictoriaJayne said, they will do tests tailored for your DS. What sorts of things does your son do? My DD#2 is 15months and just learnt to sit yesterday (YAY smile]) If you like you can read about her in the Developemental delay thread in this section.

When she was admitted to hospital, they did a range of tests. They did blood tests to check all her levels of everything. and they also did chromosome tests just in case her problem was because of something genetic. They got a speech pathologist in to watch how she ate, as she had and sometimes still does, have a severe gagging/choking reflex. They also got an occupation therapist in to watch how she played with toys. And Tash was also sent in for a CT scan, as the reason she was admitted to hospital was because the paediatrician thought she had brain damage. CT came back fine, blood tests came back fine, and chromosome tests are all normal.

But she has been diagnosed as being Global Developementally Delayed. Meaning she is delay in pretty much every aspect of developement. She is also at the developemental stage of a 7 month old, but is getting better.

Please keep us updated, as to what happens. I would like to give you as much support as you need through this time.

Hi Deonne,
I have to agree with the posters here, your child will have tests specifically tailored to them. From my experience they no doubt will have blood tests, chromosomal studies and maybe a CTscan or MRI. My son had an MRI and had to have an anaesthetic because they need to be really still for this test (maybe the same for a CT scan, I don't know). Unfortunately my son had plenty of invasive tests that totally traumatised him (and me), but he has no lasting effects from it.

If I can give you some advise it would be to be as prepared as you can to see the specialists. That is have a list of questions (written down) that you want answered. They may not have the answers straight away but it is easy to be overwhelmed by what they tell you and if you don't ask anything, they may assume you understand what they are saying.

I wish you good luck on this journey. Just remember there are plenty of us in this section who understand what you are going through and are happy to talk.

Little buddy and Big girl

Hi Ladies,

Well the pead is now rushing for some more detailed testing as he thinks that he may have a form of autisim, as well as sevear comunication problems. I was quite shocked that the pead said that for a 19month old my son is developmentally the equivalent to that of a 7 month old at the most. He is organising tests for all forms of autism and neurological tests, as he has only seen children with this level of communication (for his age) in children who had major birth/pregnancy problems. However with terms to his walking he sould be able to out-grow the dificulty that he is having. Thanks for all the support ladies and will let you know how everything is going.

little monkeys

Well ladies, update for whats going on here with the doctors and everything. We were booked in for testing around november/december as the waiting list is so long, however once the referal was recieved thigs happened quickly. His appointment was bumped up to this Friday. The actually said that someone was pushecd back so they could fit us in. I don't know if this is a blessing in disguise or a major reason to freak out.

Wish us luck and will let you know what is going on.

little monkeys

HI ladies!

Well we just found outthat my son has not only have significant autistic tendencies, as well as severe language and speech delays. He has now been placed into a speech theropy and all that other stuff. Its really hard to understand all the information that i recieved on Friday. He now has a hearing test on the 11th and eye-sight test in july. Then we have another checkup with the development area at westmead. Thanks for everything and will chat to you all later.

little monkeys

I am sure that the diagnosis was a little bit of a shock, but at least now, you can move forward with helpful treatments and therapies and get somewhere! Big HUGS for you, this stuff is hard at the best of times, and your journey may well be a long and tricky one, but celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, and remember to treat yourself occassionally as these things are as hard for mummies as they are for the children - you feel every bit of their progress and difficulties as though it were your very own!

Sounds like your hossy are being very helpful though

Good luck

Victoria xx
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